Non-franchised Bus
  1. What types of service a non-franchised public bus may operate?
  2. How can I apply for operating a residents' service?
  3. I have not operated employees' service before. What licensing conditions I must comply for operating the service?
  Light Bus
  1. Can my private light bus bear any signs or marks?
  2. As a registered owner of a public light bus, how can I apply for the approval for display of advertisement on the vehicle?
  3. What can I do if I would like to replace my old public light bus?
  1. Why do the registered owner and the new owner of a taxi have to come to the Transport Department to sign the Notice of Transfer of a Taxi in person?
  2. If a taxi is no longer fit for running on the road, can a registered owner replace it with another vehicle?
  3. How can a registered owner replace a taxi which has been damaged in an accident?
  4. How can a registered owner replace a stolen taxi?