How To Apply For A Driving Test (Non-commercial Vehicles)

If you want to take a driving test for non-commercial vehicles (i.e. private car, light goods vehicle, motorcycle and motor tricycle), you must purchase a test form. Please approach the Hong Kong Licensing Office or the Kowloon Licensing Office to submit your application. The addresses of the above licensing offices are listed below: –

Hong Kong Licensing Office
3/F, United Centre, 95 Queensway , Hong Kong

Kowloon Licensing Office
2/F, Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices, 303 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon

Enquiries on driving tests: 2771 7723

Please make sure you fulfill the basic application pre-requisite that you are at least 18 years old and are physically fit to drive (please refer to “First schedule to the Road Traffic (Driving Licences) Regulations – excepted diseases and physical disabilities” in the “Application for a Driving Test (Private Car, Light Goods Vehicle, Motor Cycle and Motor Tricycle)” form – TD82). If you have any physical disabilities, you may have to attend the driving ability assessment(s) before applying for a driving test. For the details, please click here.

Applicants of Motor Cycle or Motor Tricycle driving test must pass the competence test arranged by any of the driving schools designated by the Transport Department; or must obtain approval from the Transport Department for exemption of the competence test before applying for driving test through the following application procedure.

Application Procedure

Before you submit your application, you must obtain the "Application for a Driving Test (Private Car, Light Goods Vehicle, Motor Cycle and Motor Tricycle" first (form no. TD 82). After you have completed the application form, please submit it with the fee for driving test ($510) to the above licensing offices. You will be given an appointment letter. You can then sit for your driving test according to the date and venue printed on the appointment letter. Repeaters of driving test (non-commercial vehicle) can re-apply for a driving test either following the above procedures or through the GovHK Online Booking for Driving Tests with effect from 20 January 2008. You may apply for driving tests in conjunction with your application for learner’s driving licences, if necessary, and submit your application of learner's driving licence (form no. TD 555) together with your application for a driving test. These forms are available at any of the licensing offices of the Transport Department, the Home Affairs Department Public Enquiry Service Centres, Post Offices, or through the Enquiry Hotline (852)2804 2600 to obtain a fax copy.

Attention :

(1) With effect from 1 December 2014, applicants of driving tests (except for motorcycle driving tests) are not required to apply for learner's driving licences in conjunction with the application of driving tests. However, please be reminded that if you wish to learn driving a motor vehicle(s) on road, you must be the holder of a valid learner's driving licence for that class of vehicle(s).

(2) Applicants are required to produce proof of present address (residential address and correspondence address). Transport Department may suspend the processing of licensing applications until the production of address proof.

(3) A new Driving Test Centre (DTC) at 7 Wing Hau Street, Kwai Chung, New Territories, which is for conducting non-commercial vehicle driving tests, is scheduled to commence operation in the fourth quarter of 2016. The Kwai Shing DTC is scheduled to be closed in November 2016. Candidates having driving test appointment at the Kwai Shing DTC and applying for postponement of test will be arranged to take the driving test at the Wing Hau Street DTC if the rescheduled test date is after closure of the Kwai Shing DTC. Details will be announced later.

What You Should Note

  • Use the right application form. Before completing it, read the notes on the application form carefully;
  • Ensure that all the relevant parts in the form are duly completed;
  • Remember to sign the form;
  • Check if your address on the form is clear and correct; and
  • Ensure that your application form is enclosed with all required supporting documents.

Validity of the test form

A test form is valid for 18 months with effect from the date of issue and entitles you to take all parts of a test within that period. It ceases to be effective if you fail in any part of the test; you have to purchase a new test form for a further test. It also ceases to be effective if you fail to attend a driving test unless:

a.  you have given seven clear days' notice to the Commissioner for Transport of your inability to attend the test; or
b.  the Commissioner for Transport is satisfied that you, through circumstances beyond your control, are unable to attend the test.

If you are unable to attend a driving test in the above circumstances, a new appointment will be arranged. Provided that the new appointment is arranged within 18 months from the date of issue of the test form, the same form can be used for the test, otherwise you have to purchase a new one.

Validity of a Learner's Driving Licence

A learner driving licence is valid for 12 months with effect from the date of issue and entitles you to learn the type of vehicle during prescribed period of time with a qualified Driving Instructor.

Conditions Imposed with Issue of Learner's Driving Licence

1. Except when undergoing a driving test or driving in the premises of a driving school within the meaning of Section 88J of the Road Traffic Ordinance (Cap.374) while following a driving instruction course and for the purpose of the course, a learner driver shall not drive a motor vehicle unless he/she is accompanied by a holder of a valid driving instructor's licence in respect of the class of vehicle specified in the learner's driving licence.

2. Unless authorized in writing by the Commissioner for Transport, a learner driver when driving a motor vehicle shall not carry any person in or on the vehicle other than a driving instructor, one other learner driver for the purpose of receiving driving instruction and one or more authorized examiner(s).

3. A learner driver shall not drive a motor vehicle unless the vehicle has:

(a) a handbrake easily accessible to the driving instructor (vehicle which has an effective system of remote braking control which is under the driving instructor's manual control can be used for the purpose of driving instruction course in the premises of a driving school within the meaning of Section 88J of the Road Traffic Ordinance (Cap.374)).

(b) securely fixed, at the front and rear, a white plate 250mm by 250mm on which shall appear in red the letter  "L" with arms 200mm long and 25mm in width and  within the arms and occupying an area 125mm shall also appear in red the Chinese character "[Image: text.gif]".

4. A learner driver may drive on any public road except those which by traffic signs of other legal provisions are prohibited to learner drivers, and only during such times as are specified hereunder -

Mondays to Fridays - 6:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.
  9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m
  7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.
Saturdays - 6:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.
  9:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.
Sundays and Public Holidays - 6:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

5. Paras. (1),(2) and (3)(a) shall not apply to a learner driver when driving a motor cycle, an invalid carriage, or a motor vehicle designed to carry only a driver.

6. No variation shall be made to a learner's driving licence except by order of a court or by the Commissioner for Transport.

Application for Driving Ability Assessment

Any disabled person who wishes to apply for a driving licence can follow the procedures set out below:

1. First, you should call 2713 7262 for the arrangement of an appointment for driving ability assessment.

2. You should attend the scheduled appointment at the Driving Services Section, 19 Pui Ching Road, Homantin, Kowloon for initial assessment, including vision test, tests for grip strength, foot strength and response time, simulator test, etc. to determine your fitness to drive.

3. You may then be referred to the Community Rehabilitation Service Support Centre, Hospital Authority to have a more detailed driver assessment from a medical perspective in order to confirm your suitability for driving and the need for any vehicle modifications if necessary.

4. Subject to the result of the above assessment(s), you will be given an approval letter stating the class(es) of vehicle you are permitted to drive or learn to drive and any vehicle modifications required.

5. You may approach the Driving Test Appointment Office / Kowloon Licensing Office / Hong Kong Licensing Office to apply for a driving test and the learner driver licenses for the class(es) stated in the approval letter by submitting corresponding application forms together with the required documents and the approval letter.

Note: If, for whatever reasons, an existing full driving licence holder, suffers from any kind of disease or disability which might cause the driving by him/her to be a source of danger to the public, he/she should make arrangement for an appointment for driving ability assessment.


Enquiries may be made at (852) 2771 7723 or by e-mail to

Appendix: Driving Test Centre - Address and Telephone Number

(Not all the driving test centres will be open everyday and there are different arrangements for driving tests for different vehicle types. For enquiries on driving test appointment, please call the Driving Test Appointment Office at (852) 2771 7723.)

[Location Map] [Link to GeoInfo Map]

Hong Kong Island

 Driving Test Centre


 Enquiry Hotline

Location Map

Happy Valley Driving Test Centre # 15 Hawthorn Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong. 2574 5857 [Location Map] [Link to GeoInfo Map]
So Kon Po Driving Test Centre # Stadium Path, So Kon Po, Hong Kong. (near Confucius Hall Middle School) 2577 7426 [Location Map] [Link to GeoInfo Map]
Sheung On Driving Test Centre Sheung On Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong. 2515 0050 [Location Map] [Link to GeoInfo Map]
Driving Test Centre in New Horizon School of Motoring (Ap Lei Chau) # 68 Lee Nam Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong. 2555 9626 [Location Map] [Link to GeoInfo Map]


 Driving Test Centre


 Enquiry Hotline

Location Map

Chung Yee Street Driving Test Centre # 5 Chung Yee Street, Homantin, Kowloon. 2711 7670 [Location Map] [Link to GeoInfo Map]
Tin Kwong Road Driving Test Centre # 11 Tin Kwong Road, Kowloon. 2711 3226 [Location Map] [Link to GeoInfo Map]
Yau Tong Driving Test Centre # Shop G3 and G4, Ka Wing Arcade, 6 Ka Wing St., Yau Tong, Kowloon. 2775 7889 [Location Map] [Link to GeoInfo Map]
Pui Ching Road Driving Test Centre # 19 Pui Ching Road, Homantin, Kowloon. 2713 6402 [Location Map] [Link to GeoInfo Map]
Chak On Road Driving Test Centre # 8 Chak On Road South, Shamshuipo, Kowloon. 2319 2044 [Location Map] [Link to GeoInfo Map]
Driving Test Centre in Kwun Tong Driving School # Kwun Tong Vehicular Ferry Pier, Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon. 2411 1906 [Location Map] [Link to GeoInfo Map]

The New Territories

 Driving Test Centre


 Enquiry Hotline

Location Map

Wing Hau Street Driving Test Centre # 7 Wing Hau Street, Kwai Chung, N.T. / [Location Map]
Tsuen Wan Driving Test Centre 231 Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T. 2407 0173 [Location Map] [Link to GeoInfo Map]
Shek Yam Driving Test Centre # 103 Lei Muk Road, Kwai Chung, N.T. 2610 1392 [Location Map] [Link to GeoInfo Map]
Yuen On Driving Test Centre (mobile driving test centre) Yuen On Street, Shatin, N.T. / [Location Map] [Link to GeoInfo Map]
Container Port Road South Driving Test Centre (mobile driving test centre) Container Port Road South (between No. 3 roundabout and No. 4 roundabout), Kwai Chung, N.T. / [Location Map]
Driving Test Centre in Hong Kong School of Motoring (Sha Tin) # Shatin Wai Rd., Siu Lek Yuen, Shatin, N.T. 2636 1721 [Location Map] [Link to GeoInfo Map]
Driving Test Centre in Hong Kong School of Motoring (Yuen Long) # 38 Chung Yip Road, Yuen Long, N.T. 2442 5622 [Location Map] [Link to GeoInfo Map]

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