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Working Arrangement During Tropical Cyclone and Rainstorm Warning (Updated)
Requirement for Installation of Break-glass Hammer for Non Franchised Bus (Chinese only)
1. Relevant Legislations and Regulations
1.1 Road Traffic (Construction and Maintenance of Vehicles) Regulations, Cap. 374A
1.2 Road Traffic (Safety Equipment) Regulations, Cap. 374F
1.3 Specification of Safety Glass Notice, Cap. 374H
1.4 Latest Change in Vehicle Glass Requirements
1.5 Specifications of wheel guards (mudguards and mudflaps) Notice *Printable Version
1.6 Mandatory Installation of Reversing Video Devices (RVDs) on Goods Vehicles
1.7 Legislative Regulation and Guidelines over the Installation of Visual Display Unit (TV Screen) in a Vehicle
1.8 Vehicle Construction Approval Requirements for Electric Vehicles
1.9 Regulatory Requirements of "HID" Head Lamps for the Public
1.10 Requirements for Daytime Running Lamps
1.11 LED Headlamps
1.12 DAB Radio on Motor Vehicles
1.13 Mini-motor Cycles, Motor-driven Bicycle and Motor-driven Skateboard
1.14 Electric Mobility Devices are banned on roads
2. Vehicle Type Approval
2.1 Registration of Manufacturer for Vehicle Type Approval
2.2 Guideline for One-stop-shop Vehicle Type Approval Application
      - Application Letter
2.2.1 Motor Cycles and Motor Tricycles (Application Form) +
         EPD Vehicle Emission Certificate Application Form
2.2.2 Private Cars (Application Form) + EPD Vehicle Emission Certificate Application Form
2.2.3 Taxis (Application Form) + EMSD Application Guideline on LPG Tank
         EPD Vehicle Emission Certificate Application Form
2.2.4 Good Vehicles (Application Form) + EPD Vehicle Emission Certificate Application Form
2.2.5 Special Purpose Vehicles (Application Form) + EPD Vehicle Emission Certificate Application Form
2.2.6 Trailers (Application Form)
2.2.7 Light Buses (Application Form) + EMSD Application Guideline on LPG Tank +
         EPD Vehicle Emission Certificate Application Form
2.2.8 Buses (Application Form) + EPD Vehicle Emission Certificate Application Form
2.3 Relevant Application for Exemption and Additional Requirements
2.3.1 Application for relaxation of the maximum gross vehicle weight (GVW) for 2-axle bus
2.3.2 Application for allowing the rear axle weight excess of requirement for single-decked bus
2.3.3 Application for allowing the height excess of the requirement for single-decked bus
2.3.4 Guide for Measuring of Passenger Seats and Space for Seated Passengers on Public Light Bus
2.4 Requirements for Parallel Imported Vehicles by Individuals
2.4.1 Procedures for Importation and Registration of Motor Vehicles & Motor Cycles
2.4.2 Documents Required for Parallel/Individual Imported Private Car Pre-registration Inspection
3. Vehicle Examination
3.1 Private Cars
3.2 Taxis
3.3 Light Buses
3.4 Goods Vehicles
3.5 Special Purpose Vehicles
3.6 Trailers
3.7 Buses
3.8 Examination Fees
3.8.1 Fees for Examinations at Government Vehicle Examination Centres
3.8.2 Fees for Examinations at Transport Department's Designated Car Testing Centres
3.9 Enquiry
3.9.1 Addresses of Office and Vehicle Examination Centres
3.9.2 Information on Designated Car Testing Centres
4. Guidelines and Useful Information
4.1   Alterations and Modifications to Vehicle - DO's and DON'Ts
4.2   Guide to Notifiable Alteration - Motor Vehicle
4.3   Guide to Replacement of Engine
4.4 Application for Approval of After-market Alteration from a Fossil-fuel-engine Driven Vehicle to Hybrid / Pure Electric Vehicle
4.5   Guidelines for Adding Non-factory Built Storage Box on Motorcycles
4.6   Recommended Minimum Specification Requirements for Vehicle Modification as Wheelchair Accessible

(a) Private Cars for Passengers with Mobility Disability

(b) Residential Care Homes for the Elderly

4.7   A Guide for the Installation of Devices to Assist Reversing of Goods Vehicles
4.8   Application for Duplicate Certificate of Roadworthiness (COR) *Printable Version
4.9   Tyres and Your Safety *Printable Version
4.10   Tips on Good Maintenance of Vehicle
4.11   Tips for Improving the Use of Vehicle Mounted Tail Lift *Printable Version
4.12   A Guide to Install Additional Lighting and Retro-reflective Aids on Vehicles Equipped with Tail Lift
4.13 Environmental Protection Department (EPD)'s "Strengthened Emissions Control for Petrol and LPG Vehicles" Information

(Note: Vehicle owners have the obligations to properly maintain their vehicles, in order to keep the vehicles in good condition and not emitting excessively. Transport Department (TD)'s exhaust emission test in annual vehicle examination is not equivalent to the EPD's vehicle emission test. A petrol or LPG vehicle that passes TD's annual vehicle examination may not be able to pass EPD's roadside remote sensing and chassis dynamometer aided emission test.)

4.14   Working Arrangement During Tropical Cyclone and Rainstorm Warning
5. Reporting Suspected Defective Vehicles
- 1823 (24-hour services) – Telephone No. : (852) 1823
- Vehicle Inspection Office (Defective Vehicles) – Telephone No. : (852) 2707 4188   Fax No. : (852) 2392 3408
- Defective Vehicle Report Form

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