The role of NFBs is to supplement the mass carriers. The supplementary role of NFBs include:

(a) relieving heavy demand on the franchised bus and green minibus services primarily during the peak hours; and
(b) filling gaps of passenger demand which cannot be met viably by the regular public transport services.

Based on the above criteria, NFBs are to provide tailor-made service to specific groups of passengers. As at 30 November 2016, there were 7,047 registered non-franchised public buses in the territory.

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No. of Registered Non-franchised Public Bus PDF (25KB)
Non-franchised Private Buses
As at 30.11.2016, there are 644 registered private buses. No. of private buses with different service endorsements is appended below:
Service endorsement No. of private buses
B01 - Student Service 103
B02 – Employees’ Service 232
B03 – Disabled Persons’ Service 269
B04 – Others Service 256
Note : As non-franchised bus can be granted with more than one service endorsement, the total number of service endorsement does not equal to the total number of non-franchised bus.