Pedestrian Routes

The public can access Tamar either by the elevated walkway system linking the nearby commercial centres to Tim Mei Avenue, or the elevated walkway across Harcourt Road at the north of Admiralty Centre. The map below indicates the suggested pedestrian routes and the accesses for people with disabilities to Tamar from adjacent public transport services including bus stops, green minibus stops , etc. Pedestrians can observe the directional sign on the right for access to Tamar.

Pedestrian Routes

Accesses for People with Disabilities


Public Transport Services

The public can take MTR, franchised bus, green minibus or tram to Admiralty for access to Tamar. Alternatively, the public can make use of the bus stop outside the Central Government Offices at Harcourt Road, Lung Wui Road or the one outside the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts at Gloucester Road, or take the taxi service for direct access to Central Government Offices or Legislative Council Complex. For convenience of the public, a taxi stand is provided at Lung Wui Road near Tim Mei Avenue.

Public Transport Services near Tamar
(Please click on the bus stop or GMB stop icon on the map below for the route information)


Franchised Bus Routes


Green Minibus (GMB) Routes


Vehicular Routes

The public vehicular accesses of the Central Government Offices and Legislative Council Complex are located at Tim Mei Avenue and Legislative Council Road respectively. Boarding or alighting is allowed within the area of these buildings (Note). The map below shows the suggested arrival and departure routes. Motorists can observe the directional signs below for Tamar.

Note: No public parking facility is available within the area of the Central Government Offices and Legislative Council Complex.

Suggested Arrival Routes

Vehicles coming from the east of Tamar can enter Tim Mei Avenue and Legislative Council Road via Lung Wui Road:
  • Vehicles from roads such as Island Eastern Corridor, Cross Harbour Tunnel or Tai Hang Road for Lung Wui Road can travel via Tonnochy Road flyover, Harbour Road and Fenwick Pier Street.

  • Vehicles from Wanchai for Lung Wui Road can route through Marsh Road flyover or Fleming Road flyover onto Convention Avenue and then to Fenwick Pier Street.
Vehicles coming from Central, Sheung Wan or further west can choose either Lung Wo Road or Harcourt Road, for access to Tim Mei Avenue and Legislative Council Road.

Vehicles coming from Mid-Levels can use Garden Road and Harcourt Road for access to Tamar.

Suggested Departure Routes

Return trips to the east of Tamar can make use of Lung Wui Road and Gloucester Road, while those to its west and Mid-Levels can be made via Lung Wo Road.


Enquiries / Websites

Transport Department
MTR Corporation Ltd.
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Citybus Ltd.
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The Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd.
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New World First Bus Services Ltd.
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Long Win Bus Co. Ltd.
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Hong Kong Tramways, Ltd.
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