On registration of a vehicle, a registration mark comprising a number of not more than 4 digits with one or 2 letters as prefix, other than special registration mark, will be allocated. There are two types of vehicle registration marks (excluding personalized registration mark). A special registration mark which is not transferable consists only of a number of not more than 4 digits or consists of one or 2 letters as prefix and followed by a number of not more than 4 digits listed under items 1 to 14 of the Schedule, other than a registration mark consisting of prefixes A, F, AM, LC and ZG. A non-special registration mark which is transferable consists of one or 2 letters as prefix and followed by a number of not more than 4 digits, other than a special registration mark and mark consisting of prefixes A, F, AM, LC and ZG.

In 1973, legislation was introduced whereby vehicle registration marks could be purchased by auction. Any member of the public may attend an auction organized by the Department and bid for the target marks.

Application together with a deposit of $1,000 as applicable may be submitted to reserve any unassigned special or non-special mark from the old series of prefixes (e.g. AA, AB, HK, BE ... etc.) to even the next series of prefix following the current series being issued to be put up for auction. Funds raised from these auctions of vehicle registration marks after deduction of the operation expenses will go to the Hong Kong Government Lotteries Fund to be used for charitable purposes.

The top 12 vehicle registration marks sold at the highest auction prices since our first vehicle registration mark auction in 1973 are listed here -

Vehicle Registration MarkDate of AuctionPrice (HK$)
28 21 Feb 2016 18,100,000
18 23 Feb 2008 16,500,000
V 12 Feb 2017 13,000,000
9 19 Mar 1994 13,000,000
2 27 Feb 1993 9,500,000
VV 25 Feb 2018 9,300,000
16 20 Feb 2011 8,500,000
13 28 Feb 2010 7,400,000
12 20 Feb 2005 7,100,000
26 28 Feb 2010 7,000,000
29 23 Feb 2008 7,000,000
33 21 Jun 1997 7,000,000