Due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, the daily operation of the transport sector has been seriously affected or even put to a halt. Under the previous rounds of Anti-epidemic Fund (AEF) measures, the Transport Department has disbursed about $5.6 billion to date to provide fuel and other one-off subsidies to the transport trades to help them cope with the operating pressure in the prevailing economic environment. With the onset of the fifth COVID-19 wave and the imposition of further social distancing measures, the operating situation of the trades has been hit hard again. The Government announced to roll out the sixth round of AEF on 15 February 2022 to provide further financial support to the transport trades. Related measures are as follows:

Franchised buses, local ferries and tramways

Taxis and public light buses


Local non-franchised public buses, school private light buses and local hire cars

Cross-boundary coaches (including port shuttle buses) and cross-boundary hire cars

Arrangements for subsidizing cross-boundary goods vehicle drivers to conduct nucleic acid test in Hong Kong

Provide support for Hong Kong cross-boundary goods vehicle drivers