1. Background and Objectives

In order to address the long term driver shortage problem faced by the Public Light Bus ("PLB") trade (including Green Minibus ("GMB") and Red Minibus ("RMB")) and the coach trade (including local and cross-boundary coaches), the Government announced the Labour Importation Scheme for Transport Sector - PLB/coach trade ("The Scheme") on 13 June 2023 to allow the trades to suitably import drivers on the premise of safeguarding the employment priority for local workers. The Scheme aims at enhancing the stability of the transport workforce and service reliability of the public transport services.

2. Eligibility of Application

Applicants shall possess a valid Passenger Service Licence ("PSL") for operating PLB or relevant public bus issued by the Commissioner for Transport.

3. Application Procedures and Enquires

4. Related Documents / Forms for Labour Importation Scheme for Transport Sector - PLB/coach trade

Form Number Title
TD-ID Booklet for Labour Importation Scheme for Transport Sector* - PLB/coach trade
TD-ID-1 Application Form
TD-ID-1a Confirmation Form on Local Recruitment (Annex 1 of Application Form)
TD-ID-1b Information of Full-time Local Employees (Annex 2 of Application Form) 
TD-ID-1c List of In-employ Imported Workers (Annex 3 of Application Form)
TD-ID-1d List of imported workers (including replacement of imported workers) not yet arrived in Hong Kong while quota(s) under the "Labour Importation Scheme for the Transport Sector – Public Light Bus / Coach Trade" have been granted (Annex 4 of Application Form)
TD-ID-1e Points to Note
TD-ID-1f Requirements for Advertisement for Recruiting Local Drivers
TD-ID-8b1 Declaration and Authorisation Form
TD-ID-8b2 Joint Declaration Form on Importing Workers from the Mainland to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region#
TD-ID-8e Declaration of Accommodation Particulars of Imported Workers
TD-ID-9 Appeal Application Form*
TD-ID-17 Acknowledgment Record of Employment Contract
TD-ID-17a Route Training Record Sheet* 
TD-ID-18 Notification of Termination of Contract*
TD-ID-18a Application for Replacement of Imported Workers*
TD-ID-23 Notice of Change in Residence of Imported Workers
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5. Stakeholder Consultative Group

A Stakeholder Consultative Group has been established under the Scheme, whereby representatives of the employers and employees will advise on matters related to the Scheme such as median wage level and implementation details. Please click here for the respective Membership and Terms of Reference*.

6. Other Information

Please click here for the answers to the frequently-asked questions (FAQs)*.
Please click here for the briefing material of importing drivers under the Scheme*.  

* Available in Traditional Chinese only
# Available in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese only