HKeToll (Free Flow Tolling System) has been implemented at all government tolled tunnels and Tsing Sha Control Area. Motorists can pay tunnel tolls via remote means using toll tags without stopping or queueing up at toll booths. To implement Free Flow Tolling System, registered vehicle owners and holders of movement permit and trade licence are required to provide their "E-contact Means".

Collection of "E-contact Means"

E-contact Means
With effect from 1 November 2021, applicants are required to provide either a Hong Kong mobile phone number or an email address as "E-contact Means". TD will not process the applications if "E-contact Means" is not provided. TD and Toll Service Provider (TSP) may issue electronic notification, such as toll payment notification, either by SMS or email when necessary. In case of changes of "E-contact Means", please inform TD of the change within 72 hours in writing, by submitting the completed TD form TD559 or using the online services in GovHK. For any change of address and E-Contact Means notified under any Transport Department application form, all vehicle/driving licence records of the applicant under the same identity document held by this Department will also be changed.

The above arrangement is applicable to all application channels, including applications submitted via counters, drop-in boxes, by post and through the online service platform.

Application Forms
Applicants should use the new version of application forms submitting vehicle-related applications.
The new version of application forms is available as follow:

1. Registration and Licensing of a Vehicle [TD22] (Please note that this application form downloaded from Internet is for reference only. If users want to use this form, please make a double-sided photocopy. One-side copy will not be accepted.)
2. Renewal of Vehicle Licence [TD558]
3. Change of Personal or Vehicle Particulars [TD559]
4. Transfer of ownership of a vehicle (except Taxi) [TD25]
5. Transfer of ownership of a Taxi [TD25A]
6. Duplicate of Vehicle Registration Document / Vehicle Licence [TD151]
7. Movement Permit for a Vehicle [TD298]
8. Movement Permit for a Classic Car [TD371A]
9. Issue of Trade Licence [TD24]

10.Duplicate of Movement Permit / Trade Licence [TD309]

Application for "Vehicle Tag"

How to Apply
Distribution Arrangement

For enquiries related to the operation of the Free Flow Tolling System or application for "vehicle tag", please visit HKeToll's webpage ( .