Chapter 2 : Ad Hoc Quotas for Cross Boundary Private Cars

Ad hoc quotas are open for application to eligible owners (please refer to Chapter 3 for details of the eligibility for application) of non-commercial Hong Kong private cars1 without regular quotas allowing them to drive their own cars to the Guangdong Province for a short stay. Features of this ad hoc quota are as follows:

  1. The Quota Validity Period2 is 5 days. Hong Kong private cars can enter the Guangdong Province via the Shenzhen Bay Port once within this 5-day period.
  2. The quota allows Hong Kong private cars to stay in the Guangdong Province for not more than 7 days3 and return to Hong Kong via the Shenzhen Bay Port within 7 days counted from the day of departure from Hong Kong. 

To allow more eligible private car owners to join the scheme, each vehicle owner can apply for one quota only each time. Besides, new reservation can only be made at least 6 weeks from the Quota Start Date4 of the last quota. Please refer to Chapter 4 for details of reservation of and application for quotas.


1. Non-commercial private cars refer to private cars without a valid Hire Car Permit.

2. The period will be printed on the confirmation document of quota reservation.

3. It includes the day of departure and the day of return.

4. It refers to the first day of the Quota Validity Period.