Chapter 5 : Important Notes for Applicants

5.1 Invalidation of quotas

As required by the Governments of the Guangdong Province and the HKSAR, all applications will be assessed on the basis of the information on applicants, drivers and vehicles provided at the time of application. The quota issued will become invalid if there is any change in the information on the applicant, driver or vehicle from the information provided at the time of application after an application has been approved and the relevant approved documents (including the CRP, "Approval Notice" and "Temporary-entry vehicle licence plate and licence", etc.) have been issued. The relevant authorities of the two governments may also refuse the vehicle to cross the boundary.

5.2 Applications not processed or rejected

All applications for ad hoc quotas are assessed separately by the relevant Government authorities of the Guangdong Province and the HKSAR. They will separately determine whether an application should be approved based on information provided on the applicants, vehicles and designated drivers. Applicants should note that their applications will not be approved if they are rejected by either side.

Please note that vehicles under the "Regular Quotas for Hong Kong Private Cars to Guangdong Province" or "Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles" are not eligible to apply for "Ad Hoc Quotas for Cross Boundary Private Cars".

5.3 Prevention of abuse of the quota reservation system

In order to avoid abuse of the quota reservation system, applicants will not be allowed to make reservation for new quotas within a specified period of time under the following circumstances:

(i) If an applicant does not submit an application to the Cross Boundary Unit of the TD within the 5-day application period after the reservation, he/she can only reserve quota again 2 weeks after the application deadline.
Example: Suppose an applicant has reserved a quota on 1 June 2012 but fails to either cancel the quota or submit an application to the Cross Boundary Unit of the TD on or before 5 June 2012, the reserved quota will be cancelled automatically and the applicant can only reserve another quota on or after 20 June 2012.
(ii) If the vehicle concerned does not enter the Mainland within the quota validity period, the applicant will be suspended from reserving any quota for 8 weeks from the Quota Start Date.
Example: Suppose a quota is valid from 1 to 5 June 2012 but the vehicle does not enter the Mainland within the above period, the applicant can only reserve another quota on or after 27 July 2012.

5.4 Compliance with rules and regulations and import/export control etc.

All vehicle owners/drivers entering the Guangdong Province with ad hoc quotas are reminded not to use the private cars concerned for any illegal or unauthorized activities, including smuggling, carriage of prohibited articles, illegal carriage of passengers for reward or goods; or using fraudulent or dishonest means to obtain approval documents relating to the ad hoc quotas. Any violation is liable to prosecution. Besides, vehicle owners/drivers must pay attention to the import/export control of the two places and shall make true declarations to the local customs, inspection and quarantine control authorities. The Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department (C&ED) is responsible for vehicle and passenger clearance at various control points of HKSAR to prevent smuggling of prohibited articles in and out of Hong Kong. For details, please refer to the C&ED's website

Furthermore, the private cars concerned should not travel beyond the boundary of the Guangdong Province or be driven by non-designated drivers. Drivers should possess good driving records, observe the laws and regulations of the Mainland and return to Hong Kong within the 7-day permitted stay period.

All applications in which the applicants or drivers are found by the Governments of either side to have violated any of the above requirements will not be accepted.

5.5 Documents to be carried on board the vehicles

On the date of departure, please make sure that the following documents are on board to facilitate inspection by the law enforcement personnel of Hong Kong and Mainland:

  1. Hong Kong full driving licence;
  2. PRC Motor Vehicle Driving Licence;
  3. Copy of the Hong Kong third party risks insurance certificate for the vehicle;
  4. Approval Notice;
  5. Inspection and quarantine declaration card for temporary arrival/departure of car; 
  6. ATA Carnet;
  7. Two copies of the Hong Kong Vehicle Registration Document; 
  8. Policy document of compulsory traffic accident liability insurance for motor vehicles;
  9. Other documents, if any, as specified by relevant authorities of Governments of GD and HKSAR;
  10. Closed Road Permit (To be displayed on the front window of the vehicle and attached alongside the vehicle licence disc);
  11. Approval letter issued by the TD in respect of the ad hoc quota (To be placed inside the front window of the vehicle);
  12. Temporary-entry vehicle licence plate and licence (To be placed inside the front window of the vehicle).

Please refer to the Appendix for the checklist of application procedures mentioned in Chapter 4 and the above documents to be carried on board the vehicles. To avoid delaying the application process and ensure departure on schedule, applicants are reminded to study all the requirements as set out in the checklist carefully and make sure that all the required supporting documents are ready before submitting applications.