Chapter 1 : Introduction 

To further facilitate the economic, social and cultural exchanges between Guangdong and Hong Kong, the Governments of both sides have agreed to introduce ad hoc quotas to provide private car owners who are not eligible for regular quotas with an additional means of transport to cross the boundary. A trial scheme will first be launched at the Shenzhen Bay Port starting with the issue of ad hoc quotas to qualified owners of Hong Kong private cars with seating capacity of 5 or below, which allows them to enjoy the fun of self-driving to the Guangdong Province via the Shenzhen Bay Port.

This Application Guide is specifically designed to provide Hong Kong private car owners with handy information on the application procedures for ad hoc quota and other formalities required for driving to the Guangdong Province with such quotas. Relevant information on cross-boundary driving, including traffic and clearance arrangements at the Shenzhen Bay Port and general advice on driving in the Guangdong Province, is also provided. The contents of this Application Guide will be updated from time to time. You may download the latest version from the website of the Transport Department (TD) at