Waiving the Closed Road Permit (CRP) Fees for Cross-boundary Commercial Vehicles

Starting from 30 December 2021 to 29 December 2023, cross-boundary commercial vehicles, including goods vehicles, buses and hire cars, are eligible for a fee waiver of CRP of up to 12 months (i.e. HKD$540 for hire cars or HKD$456 for goods vehicles and buses) when granted a CRP which takes effect during the concession period.

An eligible vehicle is entitled to a fee waiver of a 12-month CRP only once during this concession period – If an applicant has already enjoyed a fee waiver of a 12-month CRP for the vehicle and would like to renew the CRP during the concession period, he/she would not be granted the waiver for a second time.
  Waiving the Closed Road Permit (CRP) Fees for Cross-boundary Commercial Vehicles


We will consider your application only if you have a valid Approval Notice issued by the Vehicle Administration Office of the Guangdong Public Security Department (GDPSD)  ("Mainland Approval Notice").

For details of the application procedures for Mainland Approval Notice, please contact the Public Security Department of the Guangdong Province (Telephone No: 0018620-83111536).

After obtaining the "Mainland Approval Notice", you can apply in person for Closed Road Permit for Boundary Crossing Vehicles at the Cross Boundary Unit of the Transport Department. The address is Room 1032, 10/F, Harbour Building , 38 Pier Road , Central, Hong Kong . You can also submit the application by post.


Application Procedures

You must, first of all, obtain the application forms which are obtainable on the Internet.

Application for New Issue of Closed Road Permit for Cross Boundary Vehicles Download form and "Notes for Attention" (TD547D)
Application for Closed Road Permit for Cross Boundary Vehicles - Renewal/Change of Vehicle/Duplicate/ Change in Driver Particulars Download form and "Notes for Attention" (TD547)

You can also obtain the application forms from the Cross Boundary Unit or any of the Licensing Offices of our Department.

After you have completed the application form, forward it together with the required supporting documents to the Cross Boundary Unit of our Department for processing.

For renewal of Closed Road Permit and application for replacement of vehicle, the permit will normally be issued on the same day of application if the application form and all the supporting documents are in order and the application is submitted before 4:45 PM.


What You Should Note

  • Use the right application form. Before completing it, read the notes on the application form carefully.
  • Remember to sign on the form and stamp the company chop if the applicant is a company.
  • Ensure that your application form is accompanied by all the necessary supporting documents.
  • The vehicle should possess with valid Hong Kong vehicle licence when apply for and upon issue of Closed Road Permit.
  • All cross-boundary drivers must hold a valid Mainland driving licence in order to drive in the Mainland. Hong Kong residents applying for Direct Issue of Mainland driving licence may refer to the following link -
Reference information on application for direct issue of Mainland driving licence for Hong Kong residents holding valid Hong Kong driving licence at the website of Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department (only Chinese version is available)

Mail items with insufficient postage

Underpaid mail items will be rejected. For proper delivery of your mail items to the department, please ensure your mail items bear sufficient postage with return address. (Details)



Enquiries about the application for Closed Road Permits for Boundary Crossing Vehicles may be made to 1823 Call Centre at 1823 or by E-mail: tdenq@td.gov.hk.