All the quotas have been allocated.

Regular Quota for Hong Kong Private Cars to Macao (Access to City Centre)

The number of regular quotas for HK PCs will be set at 300, of which 150 are company quotas and another 150 are individual quotas. HK PCs allocated with regular quotas will be permitted with multiple access to the city of Macao via the HZMB. These quotas will be valid for three years and re-allocated upon expiry by the Transport Department ('TD') through open application.
Eligibility of Quota Application

An applicant's HK PCs must be registered and licensed in HK, have a valid HK vehicle registration document and be insured (Third Party Risks Insurance of Hong Kong).
Individual Quotas (150 quotas)
1. Applicant must be a HK Permanent Resident; and
2. Being employed with remunerations in Macao or have established a registered company in Macao; and
3. Registered owner of the HK PC must be the applicant.
Company Quotas (150 quotas)
1. Applicant must be a company (i) registered in both HK and Macao, or (ii) registered in HK and associated with another company registered in Macao;
2. Applicant must provide the proof of tax payment and documents with company information in HK and Macao respectively;
3. Registered owner of the HK PC must be a registered company applicant in HK, a registered company applicant in Macao, or a director of above companies.
Each applicant is allowed to submit one application only. Submitting more than one application may result in disqualification.
Eligibility of Drivers
Company Quotas Individual Quota
  • Not more than 3 designated drivers, they must be staff members or directors of the applicant and authorised by the applicant in writing
  • Applicant only
  • All designated drivers must be HK Permanent Residents
Application Procedures

HK PCs using the HZMB must complete all the formalities as required by the three government authorities, including the licencing requirements of HK and Macao government authorities and the filing record requirements of the Mainland government authorities.

The TD will co-ordinate the applications of HK and Macao licences and filing records formalities of the Mainland government authorities. With the applicants' consent, the TD will pass the information of applicants, vehicles and drivers to the Macao and Mainland government authorities for licence and permit applications and filing records. Applications will be processed by the three government authorities separately.
Step 1: Expression of interest to the TD

Qualified applicants must submit a duly completed Expression of Interest Form (TD618) to the TD on or before the deadline for application via one of the following means (the submission period will close at 5:15 p.m. on 13 March 2018):

  • GovHK website (; or
  • By post to Cross Boundary Unit ('CBU') of the TD (Address: Room 1032, 10/F, Harbour Building, 38 Pier Road, Central, Hong Kong) (the postmark date on the envelope will be regarded as the date of submission of application). In any case, the Form must be received by the TD before the balloting is carried out; or
  • Collection Box (Address: Room 1032, 10/F, Harbour Building, 38 Pier Road, Central, Hong Kong). The collection box is available from 9:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. from Monday to Friday (except public holidays).
Quota Allocation Arrangements

As the number of applications exceeded 300 (150 quotas each for individual and company quotas), the TD had, in accordance with their types of applications, carried out balloting to determine the order of applications to be processed.  Ballot results are as follows,

The TD will invite applicants to proceed with their applications, according to their balloted order, until all quotas have been filled.
Step 2: Submit Closed Road Permit ('CRP') application to the TD

Applicants receiving invitation from the TD are required to apply for CRPs (in person, by agent, by post or drop-in box) with the CRP application form and those supporting documents as stipulated on the Expression of Interest Form before specified dates. They will only be considered as the quota holder upon issue of CRP.
Step 3: Make appointments with the Macao Customs Service for collecting and displaying labels and permits issued by Macao government authorities

After obtaining TD's CRP and before departing for Macao via the HZMB for the first time, a quota holder, as required by the Macao government authorities, is required to make appointment with the Macao Customs Service for collecting and displaying labels and permits issued by the Macao government authorities upon arrival to Macao Port during the quota valid period. Appointment arrangements are to be announced by the Macao Customs Service.
Requirements of Vehicles and Driving Licences

  Vehicle Licences Driving Licences
  • CRP (HKD 540 per year)
  • HK full Driving Licence
  • Identification label issued by the Macao Transport Bureau (Free)
  • Permit and label issued by the Macao Customs Service (MOP 100)
  • Licences issued by the Macao Customs Service (Free)
  • Holder of HK full Driving Licence may stay in Macao for at most 14 days; registration with the Macao Public Security Police Force is required for stays in Macao exceeding 14 days (Free)
  • Filing Records (Free)
  • Filing Records (Free)
For the application fees for the formalities as required by the Macao and the Mainland government authorities, they are set by the relevant authorities concerned. Applicants are advised to make enquiries on the required procedures and fees to obtain the up-to-date information.
Requirements of Vehicle Insurance

Applicants must purchase Macao and the Mainland vehicle insurance as required by their respective Laws.

The Insurance Authority website on motor insurance for using the HZMB:

The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers HZMB Insurance Corner:
Mail items with sufficient postage

Mail items with insufficient postage will not be received. To ensure prompt delivery of mail items to the TD, please make sure that the mail items bear sufficient postage by weight and mail format and have return addresses. (Details)

For questions on the the Regular Quota for Hong Kong Private Cars to Macao, please call the 1823 or enquire via email (


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