Application for Driving Ability Assessment

Any disabled person who wishes to apply for a driving licence can follow the procedures set out below:

  1. First, you should call 2713 7262 for the arrangement of an appointment for driving ability assessment.
  2. You should attend the scheduled appointment at the Driving Services Section, 19 Pui Ching Road, Homantin, Kowloon for initial assessment, including vision test, tests for grip strength, foot strength and response time, simulator test, etc. to determine your fitness to drive.
  3. Please provide a medical certificate including "Supplementary Health Information Sheet for Driver Assessment" (not applicable to persons having obtained medical certificate issued by the Hospital Authority) completed by a doctor to facilitate assessment.
  4. You may then be referred to the Community Rehabilitation Service Support Centre, Hospital Authority to have a more detailed driver assessment from a medical perspective in order to confirm your suitability for driving and the need for any vehicle modifications if necessary.
  5. Subject to the result of the above assessment(s), you will be given an approval letter stating the class(es) of vehicle you are permitted to drive or learn to drive and any vehicle modifications required.
  6. You may apply for a driving test and the learner's driver licence for the class(es) stated in the approval letter by submitting corresponding application forms together with the required documents and a copy of approval letter through the submission methods mentioned in the relevant application forms.

Note: If, for whatever reasons, an existing full driving licence holder, suffers from any kind of disease or disability which might cause the driving by him/her to be a source of danger to the public, he/she should make arrangement for an appointment for driving ability assessment.

Disabled Person's Parking Permit

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Frequently Asked Questions for Disabled Driver

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