Requirements for Physical Fitness for Driving

  • You are not eligible for obtaining a driving licence if you are suffering from:
(a)  any disease or physical disability specified in the First Schedule of the Road Traffic (Driving Licences) Regulations listed below; or
(b)  any other disease or physical disability which will cause the driving by you to be a source of danger to the public.
  • If you subsequently suffer from any disease or physical disability mentioned in paragraphs (a) or (b) above during the validity period of the licence, you are required by law to give notice of such fact in writing to the Commissioner for Transport immediately.

First Schedule of Road Traffic (Driving Licences) Regulations Excepted Diseases and Physical Disabilities

(1) Epilepsy.
(2) Liability to sudden attacks of disabling giddiness or fainting due to hypertension or any other cause.
(3) Mental disorder for which the applicant for the licence, or, as the case may be, the holder of the licence is liable to be detained under the Mental Health Ordinance (Cap. 136) or is receiving treatment as an in-patient in a mental hospital within the meaning of that Ordinance.
(4) Any condition causing muscular incoordination.
(5) Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus.
(6) Inability to read at a distance of 23 metres in good daylight (with the aid of spectacles or other corrective lenses, if worn) a registration mark.
(7) Any other disease or disability which is likely to render him incapable of effectively driving and controlling a motor vehicle or suitably adapted motor vehicle to which such licence refers without endangering public safety, provided that deafness shall not of itself be deemed to be any such disability.