With effect from 1 June 2015, applicants for a Public Light Bus (PLB) driving licence have to attend and complete a Pre-service Course for PLB Drivers, which is specified and approved by Commissioner for Transport, before being issued of the PLB driving licence. The implementation aims at improving the driving attitude of new PLB drivers, so as to enhance the safety and service quality of PLB. This does not apply to those who have already applied for the relevant driving test before the implementation date.

Through the introduction of the Pre-service course, it is expected that the new PLB drivers could be equipped with basic knowledge and skills on PLB service to improve their driving attitude, and hence the safety and quality of PLB service could be improved as a whole.

The Pre-service Course for PLB Drivers includes 6 modules, 16 hours in total. Participants have to complete the Pre-service Course in not less than 2 separate days or not more than 4 half days. Participants who have completed the course and passed the course-end assessment will obtain a course certificate issued by the designated Pre-service Training Schools for PLB Drivers. Please click here to read the details of the relevant information.