All holders of trade licences, including both non-left-hand-drive trade licences ("red plates") and left-hand-drive trade licences ("blue plates"), are required to submit applications in advance if they wish to have their trade licences re-issued under the same numbers upon expiry.

The documents and procedures required for applying for a trade licence under the same trade plate number are as follows:

Licence holder is required to submit application in advance, and send the following documents in person or by post to the Driving Licence Records Office of the Transport Department at 30/F, Revenue Tower, 5 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, or by fax to 2865 3475, or by email to

  1. a letter stating the reason(s) for applying for trade licence using the same trade plate number;
  2. a copy of holder's H.K. Identity Card / Certificate of Incorporation;
  3. a copy of holder's valid Business Registration Certificate
  4. copies of register of journeys in respect of trade licence showing all journey records of the preceding 3 months (with company chop and the authorized signature); and
  5. copies of address proof of all showroom, carpark or garage used for operating the business (only utility bills, bank statements or a rental agreement with rental receipts issued within the recent 3 months are accepted)

Depending on the circumstances, the Transport Department may require an applicant to provide additional information to show that he still operates in the relevant motor business, such as (a) photos of the business venue, (b) advertisement copy with invoice for placing the advertisement, (c) contractual agreement with other motor businesses, (d) details of the vehicles handled, (e) copy of IRD profit tax return (BIR51 or BIR52) filed with IRD recently, (f) copies of invoices/bill of lading/contract of the other 3 months or more immediately before (with company stamp chop and the authorized signature) and / or (g) completed "Information in Support of an Application for Trade Licence" form (DLRTL4).

Upon receipt of all required documents and subject to no enquiries or insufficient information found in the submitted application, the Transport Department will notify the applicant in writing of the preliminary result within 14 working days under normal circumstances. If approval-in-principle is given, the applicant shall bring along all of the following documents and fee within one month from the date of the approval-in-principle letter to Counter 5 of the Hong Kong Licensing Office of this Department at 3/F, United Centre, 95 Queensway, Hong Kong for the issue of trade licence:

  1. a completed application form (TD24) and its required documents. Please put a "✓" against the right-hand side box (□) in part C;
  2. original of the approval-in-principle letter issued by this department;
  3. a certificate of third party risk insurance covering the use of trade licence approved;
  4. a total of $614 for each licence (for payment of the annual fee of $500 plus $114 as a contribution to the Traffic Accident Victims Assistance Scheme).

Generally, an application submitted by a trade licence holder as early as 4 months before the expiry date of his original trade licence will also be accepted.

If you want to apply for a trade licence under the same trade plate number, please read the application information and follow the respective procedures. Please note that you are required to submit a new application for trade licence if you fail to apply for a trade licence under the same plate number before the expiry date of your licence.

If you have any enquiries, please call 2594 7877 or 2594 7878.