Applications accepted in January, May and September each year.   

Before submitting applications, applicants should read the guidance notes carefully, and may also make reference to the auctioned marks under "Personalized Vehicle Registration Mark (Auction)" for the combinations and display arrangements of PVRMs.


Guidance Notes for Personalized Vehicle Registration Mark Application

Guidance Notes for Application for Personalized Vehicle Registration Mark (Bilingual Version) (PDF 1217 KB)
Chapter 1: What is a Personalized Vehicle Registration Mark (PVRM) (PDF 710 KB)
Chapter 2: The Business Process from Submission of Application to Auction of PVRMs (PDF 373 KB)
Chapter 3: Points to Note at Various Stages from Submission of Application to Auction (PDF 446 KB)
Stage 1: Submission of Application
Stage 2: Selection of Applications by lot
Stage 3: Checking against Basic Combination Requirements
Stage 4: Payment of Deposit
Stage 5: Vetting
Stage 6: Auction
Chapter 4: Change of Correspondence Address and Contact Telephone Number (PDF 187 KB)
Chapter 5: Enquiry Hotline (PDF 187 KB)
Annex 1: Basic Combination Requirements for PVRMs  (PDF 460 KB)
Annex 2: PVRMs specified at Schedule 5A to the Road Traffic (Registration and Licensing of Vehicles) Regulations (Applications for these registration marks will not be accepted)  (PDF 212 KB)
Annex 3: Vetting Criteria  (PDF 193 KB)
Membership List of the PVRMs Vetting Committee  (PDF 15 KB)


Submission of Application


Application Period for the 40th Invitation Exercise:  Closed on 30 September 2019

(Each applicant can only submit one application.)

(Note: The processing of applications for personalized vehicle registration marks involves several stages and is taken by batches. As a general reference, it would normally take up to eight or more months for an application to complete the process and have the approved mark from the deadline for applications of each exercise to be put up for auction. The processing time would be even longer if the applied mark requires further examination during the vetting stage.)

As at 30 September, the Transport Department received 3 429 applications which exceed the specified number published by Gazette. The Transport Department will arrange a computerised ballot which result will be announced in around late October.

Applications Selected by Lot for the 39th Invitation Exercise