Preparation for Auction

What to bring along on the date of auction?

Bidders are reminded to bring along the following documents with them for completion of registration and payment procedures immediately after the successful bidding:

Who is expected to attend an auction?

Any member of the public who is interested in bidding for the marks put up for auction can attend. And, any person who has submitted a deposit of $1,000 to the Transport Department to reserve a vehicle registration mark for auction should also attend. Failure to do so may render the reserved mark sold to other bidders at $1,000.

Relevant information for Auction

  • How to Access to the Auction Venue?

        Access Maps of Auction Venue (620 KB) [Meeting Room N101/N201, New Wing]

        Access Maps of Auction Venue (503 KB) [Meeting Room S221/S421, Old Wing]

        Road Map (530 KB)

(Note: The latest auction result will be released to the website on the first working day after the auction or you may obtain the auction result handout by calling the enquiry hotline at 2804 2600.)


After Auction

What is the procedure for registering a mark bought at auction?

If successful in obtaining a mark at auction, the bidder has to complete a Memorandum of Sale to confirm acceptance of the mark. Within 12 months after the date of being allocated with the mark by auction, the successful bidder has to get the mark assigned to a vehicle registered in his name, otherwise this allocation of the mark may be cancelled by the Transport Department and the mark may be reallocated.

Where will the funds obtained through auctions of marks go?

Funds raised through the auction of vehicle registration marks after deduction of the operation expenses will go to the Government Lotteries Fund, a body that uses the funds for charity.