1) Processing Mechanism of Defective Vehicle Report

To safeguard the safety of road users, the Vehicle Inspection Office of the Transport Department would receive the report of suspected defective vehicle(s) from the public or referral from other Government Departments. The Transport Department would take appropriate enforcement actions (including issuance of Advisory Letter, Warning Letter and Vehicle Examination Order) to suspected defective vehicle(s) to ascertain the safety and the roadworthiness of the vehicle(s), pursuant to the power vested under the Road Traffic Ordinance, Cap. 374, Laws of Hong Kong. Informant must provide the following information to support the report:

In case any of the above information is not sufficient, the Transport Department would contact the informant for providing the outstanding information, so as to facilitate the Transport Department's follow up actions. If the informant could not provide the requested information timely, the report would only be recorded for future's reference.

Subject to severity and priority of the reported defect(s), as well as taking into consideration of the vehicle model, modification risk, track record of the reported vehicle, the Transport Department would issue a vehicle examination order to the registered vehicle owner of concerned vehicle that might impose immediate danger to road user. For report with defect(s) that might not impose immediate danger, the Transport Department would first consider issuing an advisory letter or a warning letter, instructing the registered vehicle owner to rectify the defect(s) concerned. If the Transport Department is not satisfied that the photo(s) provide could prove clearly that the defect(s) had been rectified, the vehicle concerned might be summoned for vehicle inspection.

2) Reporting Channels

You may submit the completed form together with evidence to this Department by the following means:

Please click HERE to download the Defective Vehicle Report

3) Important Notices

4) Enquiries

For enquiries, please contact Vehicle Inspection Office (Tel.: 3961 0372; Fax.: 3961 0420) or 1823.