Relaxation of traffic restrictions in South Lantau for tour coaches and private cars to be implemented

The Transport Department (TD) announced today (December 4) that having considered the road traffic conditions, parking facilities and the opinions of stakeholders, the TD will implement in phases traffic relaxation measures from end of this year in respect of access of tour coaches and private cars to the closed roads in South Lantau to promote tourism and the local economy.

In June this year, the TD proposed increasing the number of tour coaches that will be permitted to enter the closed roads in South Lantau per day from 30 to 50, and to permit 50 private cars to enter the roads concerned for leisure and recreational purposes on weekdays. A public consultation on the proposals was conducted accordingly.

Upon consultation with district representatives, green groups, the tourism industry and transport trade and having considered their concerns, the TD will implement the measures in phases. During the first phase, the maximum number of tour coaches that will be permitted to enter South Lantau per day will be increased from 30 to 40; and a maximum of 25 private cars will be permitted to enter South Lantau from Monday to Friday (except public holidays) for leisure and recreational purposes.

The TD said raising the cap on the number of tour coaches to 40 will take effect from December 25. The existing application method will remain unchanged. Organisations and non-franchised bus operators can use the existing designated form to submit applications to the TD by fax from today.

Regarding the quota of 25 private cars, the TD will allocate five places in the quota to electric private cars in order to promote environmental protection. The private cars will be limited to entering South Lantau from 8am to 7pm. The TD will publish guidelines to the drivers concerned to enable them to become familiar with the conditions of the roads in South Lantau. The TD is installing a computer system to facilitate the public to submit online applications. The new system is expected to be rolled out in February 2016. Details of the application will be announced later.

Upon the implementation of the above measures, the TD will closely monitor the traffic conditions and the provision and utilisation of parking spaces in South Lantau. A review on the implementation timetable of the second phase of the traffic relaxation measures will be conducted in due course.

Ends/Friday, December 4, 2015
Issued at HKT 12:02