This annual Transport Digest contains a range of statistical and other information on traffic and transport related matters handled by the Transport Department for the year of 2001.

Listed in this Digest also are a number of transport connected committees, associations and organisations.

For a descriptive account of Hong Kong's transport policy and administration, readers are advised to refer to Chapter 14 of "Hong Kong 2001" published by the Information Services Department.


Note PDF (34KB)


Section 1

Transport Infrastructure Maps PDF (332KB)

Figure 1 PDF (152KB)

Figure 2 PDF (225KB)

Figure 3 PDF (219KB)

Figure 4 PDF (128KB)

Figure 5 PDF (394KB)

Figure 6 PDF (582KB)


Section 2

Transport Administration PDF (194KB)

Transport Advisory Committee PDF (223KB)

Transport Tribunal  PDF (318KB)

Transport Department Organisation Chart  PDF (1361KB)

Transport Department Establishment Position PDF (250KB)

Transport Department List of Senior Staff  PDF (64KB)


Section 3

Registration and Licensing of Vehicles and Drivers PDF (283KB)

Vehicles Registration 1991-2001 PDF (79KB)

Vehicles Licensing 1991-2001 PDF (80KB)

Vehicles Registered and Licensed in 2001 PDF (179KB)

Vehicles Per Thousand Population in 2001 PDF (130KB)

Tenders of Taxi Licences 2001 PDF (147KB)

Driving Licences PDF (145KB)

Results of Driving Test PDF (98KB)

Waiting Period for Driving Test PDF (115KB)

Vehicle Examination PDF (2020KB)


Section 4

Road Tunnels and Toll Roads PDF (394KB)

Toll Rates PDF (261KB)

Traffic Flow PDF (144KB)


     Lion Rock Tunnel PDF (47KB)

Aberdeen Tunnel PDF (48KB)

Airport Tunnel PDF (48KB)

Shing Mun Tunnels PDF (47KB)

Tseung Kwan O Tunnel PDF (48KB)

Cross-Harbour Tunnel PDF (48KB)

Eastern Harbour Crossing PDF (47KB)

Western Harbour Crossing PDF (48KB)

Tate's Cairn Tunnel PDF (47KB)

Tai Lam Tunnel PDF (48KB)

Lantau Link PDF (50KB)

Discovery Bay Tunnel Link PDF (76KB)

Accidents and Breakdowns PDF (118KB)


Section 5

Public Transport PDF (417KB)

Average Daily Public Transport Passenger Journeys by Mode 1991 - 2001 PDF (204KB)

Public Transport Passenger Journeys by Operator Group 1991 - 2001 PDF (336KB)

Franchised Bus and MTR Passenger Journeys by District 1991 - 2001  PDF (116KB)

Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Limited PDF (300KB)

Citybus Limited PDF (305KB)

New World First Bus Services Limited PDF (307KB)

New Lantao Bus Company (1973) Limited PDF (125KB)

Long Win Bus Company Limited PDF (124KB)

Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation Rehabus Services PDF (171KB)

Mass Transit Railway Corporation Limited PDF (259KB)

The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation Limited PDF (367KB)

Hongkong Tramways Limited PDF (365KB)

Peak Tramways Company Limited PDF (99KB)

The "Star" Ferry Company Limited PDF (141KB)


Section 6

Vehicle Parking PDF (357KB)

Parking Meters - Charges and Revenue PDF (65KB)

Utilisation of Government Car Parks PDF (67KB)

Government Car Parks - Charges and Revenue PDF (196KB)

Government Parking Meters/Spaces Available to Public PDF (51KB)


Section 7

Traffic Accidents  PDF (297KB)

Road Traffic Injury Accidents by Class Of Vehicle Involved 1992-2001 PDF (54KB)

Accident Involvement by Class of Motor Vehicle 1992-2001 PDF (55KB)

Age of Road Traffic Casualties by Class of Road User 1992-2001 PDF (63KB)

Road Traffic Accidents by Region by Severity 1992-2001 PDF (47KB)

Road Traffic Injury Accidents by District Boards 1992-2001  PDF (49KB)

2001 Accidents by Top 5 Contribution Factors PDF (100KB)


Section 8

Concern Over Environment  PDF (1351KB)


Section 9

 Directory of Hong Kong Transport  PDF (226KB)

Subsection 1 : Public Transport Operators


    Franchised Buses  PDF (379KB)

Franchised and Non-franchised Buses PDF (161KB)

Non-franchised Buses PDF (406KB)

Railways  PDF (248KB)

Trams PDF (165KB)

Franchised Ferries PDF (165KB)

Licensed Ferries PDF (454KB)

Taxi Companies PDF (114KB)

Hire Cars PDF (176KB)


Subsection 2 : Transport Operator's / Workers' Associations


  Goods Vehicle Drivers Associations PDF (251KB)

Trucking Industry Associations PDF (239KB)

Green Minibus Associations PDF (133KB)

Non-Scheduled Public Light Bus Associations  PDF (385KB)

School Transport Associations PDF (102KB)

Public Bus Associations  PDF (102KB)

Taxi Associations PDF (850KB)


Subsection 3 : Transport Related Organisations


  Tunnel Operators  PDF (292KB)

Tsing Ma Control Area Operator PDF (165KB)

Car Park Operators PDF (165KB)

Parking Meter Operator PDF (125KB)

Escalator and Walkway System Operator PDF (125KB)

Cross Boundary Coach Terminus Operator  PDF (125KB)

Professional Institutions PDF (125KB)

Road Safety & Motoring Organisations PDF (160KB)

Driving Instructors Associations PDF (427KB)

Trade Associations PDF (70KB)