Electronic Road Pricing Pilot Scheme in Central and its Adjacent Areas – Public Engagement Report

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Annex 7 Submissions via Transport Complaints Unit under the Transport Advisory Committee and Public Affairs Forum of the Home Affairs Bureau (submission nos. C00001 to C00003 & H00001 to H00015) *Printable Version
Submissions via email (submission nos. E00001 to E00100) *Printable Version
Submissions via email (submission nos. E00101 to E00200) *Printable Version
Submissions via email (submission nos. E00201 to E00264) *Printable Version
Submissions via fax and post (submission nos. F00001 to F00005 & P00001 to P00029) *Printable Version
Submissions by telephone (submission nos. T00001 to T00015) *Printable Version
Submissions via dedicated website (submission nos. W00001 to W00555) *Printable Version
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