If your vehicle breaks down, think first of your own safety. Get your vehicle off the roadway if possible and keep your passengers and yourself off the roadway; onto any hard shoulder or hard strip if available. Switch on your hazard warning lights. Never forget the danger from passing traffic.

Leave your vehicle (by the left-hand doors) only if you are sure you can safely get clear of the carriageway. If in doubt, remain in your vehicle wearing a seat belt until the emergency services arrive. If there is a roadside emergency telephone nearby use it to inform the police.

On some roads, usually expressways, you can identify the location by making reference to the route number and the chainage marker. Do not delay in obtaining assistance and do not leave the vehicle unattended for a long period. Wait near the rear of your vehicle but well away from the carriageway and hardshoulder. Ensure that children are being taken care of. Animals should be left inside the vehicle. Do not stand in front of your vehicle, or attempt to check or repair your vehicle on the roadway.

( See page 87 for rules on towing of vehicles.)

Hard shoulders

hard shoulder for emergency only hard shoulder for emergency only

On some roads, usually expressways, a hard shoulder may be provided for emergency use. A traffic sign marks the beginning of a hard shoulder and a thick solid white line marks the edge. You must not drive on to a hard shoulder except in an emergency. You must not park or stop on a hard shoulder. When rejoining the normal traffic lanes build your speed up first on the hard shoulder. Watch for a safe gap in the traffic.

Roadside emergency phones

Roadside emergency phones

Emergency telephones may be found at the roadside of some expressways ( follow the direction indicated by the chainage marker ) and in 'Tunnel areas' These telephones are connected directly to police or tunnel control centres. They may be used to obtain help if your vehicle breaks down or in an emergency. If you have a car or mobile phone, use it for obtaining assistance.


chainage markerChainage marker