Transport Department - In an Emergency

Warn other traffic

  • Switch on hazard warning lights.
  • Display a warning triangle.
  • Switch on other lights.
  • Use any other means, if necessary.

Prevent fire Impose a 'No smoking' ban.

  • Impose a 'No smoking' ban.
  • Switch off vehicle engines.
  • Deal with other fire hazards.

Assess conditions

  • How many people involved?
  • How many vehicles involved?
  • Is anybody trapped in the wreckage?
  • Is there danger of fire from leaking fuel?
  • Is there danger from dangerous goods?
  • Is there anybody present with first aid training?
  • Locate first aid kits, if any.

Get help

  • Send someone to telephone for help with details of location and casualties.
  • Dial 999 from any telephone or use an emergency roadside telephone.

Help the casualties

  • Do not move injured people unless there is immediate danger.
  • If they are breathing and not bleeding heavily -- do nothing unless you are sure you know what you are doing.
  • If you need to move an injured person or they are having difficulty breathing or are bleeding heavily follow the advice on the opposite page.

Other action

  • Do not move injured people unless there is immediate danger.
  • Get uninjured people out of vehicles and to a place of safety.
  • Stay at the scene until emergency services arrive.