Transport Department - Warning other Drivers

Warn other drivers of an obstruction by switching on the four-way hazard warning lights. If you carry a red warning triangle display it at a suitable place. If necessary switch on other lights or use any other means of warning approaching traffic.

At night or in poor visibility do not stand at the rear of your vehicle ( nor allow anyone else to do so ) as you may block the rear lights.

On an expressway or a high speed road, do not attempt to place a warning triangle or any warning objects on the carriageway as it is a dangerous action and the objects placed may pose danger to other road users. Just switch on your hazard warning lights.

When the obstruction is cleared do not forget to remove any warning signs placed on the road.

Hazard warning lights

Hazard warning lightsA vehicle's hazard warning lights must only be used when the vehicle is stationary to indicate that the vehicle is causing a temporary obstruction to traffic flow, for example, if it has broken down or is being loaded or unloaded. They must not be used if the vehicle is in motion or be regarded as an excuse for stopping where and when you should not.



Warning triangles

Warning triangles Carry a suitable warning triangle for use in an emergency, or when you have a break down, to warn other drivers of your vehicle's presence or other obstruction. The triangle should have a red reflective and fluorescent surface so that it can be easily seen in all conditions.
stand the warning triangle on the road If your vehicle could be an obstruction to traffic stand the warning triangle on the road, preferably in the same lane, at least 50 metres ( or at 100 metres on dual carriageways and roads with faster traffic ) before the obstruction and on the same side of the road. If the road is not straight and level, stand the warning triangle where an oncoming driver will see it before he comes to any bend or hump in the road. If it is not safe for you to do so then place the triangle nearer the vehicle.

When the obstruction is cleared do not forget to remove the warning triangle.