The safe and efficient use of the road system depends on all road users following the same rules of behaviour.

Some of the rules are also laid down by law. These rules help you avoid dangerous behaviour. They also let you know what behaviour you can expect from other road users and what behaviour they can expect from you.

However rules are not enough, you also need to understand the dangers of traffic and the difficulties others may have in using the road. You will need to understand how to use the different road and traffic features. You will also need to know the 'language of the road' -- the different signals used by road users to communicate with each other and the meanings of traffic signs and road markings.

The Road Users' Code lays down the rules of behaviour and gives advice on when and how to follow them.

The Road Users' Code also gives safety advice and explains and gives advice about the different traffic and road features and traffic signs and road markings that you will come across when travelling or out walking.

You should be familiar with the rules and advice given in the latest edition of the Road Users' Code and follow them whenever you are on or near a road.

You should make allowances and be prepared for other road users who may make mistakes or do not know or obey the rules and advice given in the Road Users' Code.

Rules and advice for all road users

Avoid any behaviour likely to put into danger any person or to cause damage to public or private property or to obstruct other road users.

Do not obstruct other road users or make their passage dangerous by throwing, depositing or leaving any object or substance on the pavement or the roadway. If you are unable to avoid creating an obstruction in that way then take the necessary steps to remove it as soon as possible and, if it cannot be removed immediately, then warn other road users.

You should make allowances for and/or help children, disabled or elderly people and others who may have difficulty in getting around such as people with injuries or coping with children or luggage.

Traffic signs and road markings

Road Sign

Know your traffic signs and road markings and act on them. Traffic signs and road markings are illustrated throughout this book often with the associated traffic or road feature.

All the traffic signs and road markings likely to be found on the road are illustrated in chapter 8.



illustration Know the meaning of arm signals and other signals. Look out for drivers' and riders' signals and take any necessary action promptly. ( For information about signals see chapter 8.) You must promptly obey all signals given by Police Officers, Traffic Wardens, Tunnel Officers or School Crossing Patrols.