The first edition of the Road Users' Code has been approved by the former Governor in Council and the former Legislative Council under section 109 of the Road Traffic Ordinance.

The subsequent alternations have been approved by the Secretary for Transport and laid before the Legislative Council under section 109 of the Road Traffic Ordinance.

Road Users are reminded of the statement on the inside of the front cover but should note that many of the rules in the Road Users' Code directly reflect the law and a person not observing these rules may be committing an offence.

The traffic signs, road markings and signals illustrated in this book are prescribed by various Regulations or are authorized by the Commissioner for Transport.

For the precise wording of the law and representation of prescribed signs the following Ordinances and Regulations should be referred to

  • Road Traffic Ordinance
  • Road Traffic ( Registration and Licensing of Vehicles ) Regulations
  • Road Traffic ( Public Service Vehicles ) Regulations
  • Road Traffic ( Driving Licences ) Regulations
  • Road Traffic ( Construction and Maintenance of Vehicles ) Regulations
  • Road Traffic ( Safety Equipment ) Regulations
  • Road Traffic ( Traffic Control ) Regulations
  • Road Traffic ( Expressway ) Regulations
  • Road Traffic ( Parking ) Regulations
  • Road Traffic ( Parking on Private Roads ) Regulations
  • Road Traffic ( Village Vehicles ) Regulations
  • Motor Vehicles Insurance ( Third Party Risks ) Ordinance and Regulations
  • Road Traffic ( Driving-offence Points ) Ordinance
  • Fixed Penalty ( Criminal Proceedings ) Ordinance
  • Fixed Penalty ( Traffic Contraventions ) Ordinance
  • Road Tunnels ( Government ) Ordinance and Regulations
  • Eastern Harbour Crossing Ordinance, Eastern Harbour Crossing Road Tunnel Regulations and By-laws
  • Tate's Cairn Tunnel Ordinance, Regulations and By-laws
  • Housing ( Traffic ) By-laws
  • Tramway Ordinance and subsidiary legislation
  • North-west Railway By-laws
  • Public Bus Services Regulations
  • Tsing Ma Control Area Ordinance and Tsing Ma Control Area ( General ) and ( Tolls, Fees and Charges ) Regulations
  • Western Harbour Crossing Ordinance, Regulations and By-laws

Other Ordinances and Regulations may also contain laws applicable to road users.

For persons carrying out road and other works

All road works and works adjacent to the road create inconvenience and are a potential hazard to the safety of all road users and those carrying out the work. Rules and advice for persons responsible for the carrying out of works on the road can be found in the booklet 'Code of Practice for the Lighting, Signing and Guarding of Road Works' published by the Highways Department.