Handcarts, trolleys

If you are using a handcart, trolley or any other pedestrian controlled vehicle you need to take extra care to protect your safety and the safety of others.

Use the pavement whenever possible, particularly with a small cart, but do not endanger or inconvenience other pedestrians. Follow the rules and advice for pedestrians, particularly when crossing the road.

If you are using a large cart or the pavement is crowded or too narrow, then you should use the roadway.

When using the road follow the rules and advice for drivers; it is important for your safety to obey traffic lights and traffic signs. Do not push or pull your cart or trolley the wrong way along a one-way road or on the right-hand side of a two-way road. Give way to pedestrians at pedestrian crossings. Keep looking behind when moving along the road.

traffic sign banning rickshaws and handcartsYou must not pass a traffic sign banning pedestrians or a traffic sign banning rickshaws and handcarts or use the road to which the ban applies. You must not enter or use a 'Tunnel area'.

You must not enter or use an 'Expressway'. Traffic signs mark the start and end points of an 'Expressway'.

Try not to push your cart or trolley along busy roads. Do not use elevated roads.

Do not leave your cart or trolley unattended on a pavement or roadway or where it may cause an obstruction or danger to any person or traffic, for example by forcing pedestrians to step onto the roadway.

Looking after animals on the road

Do not let your dog out on its own. You must keep it on a lead when you take it for a walk on the road.

Before riding a horse on the road, make sure you can control it in traffic.

When riding, keep to the left. If you are leading a horse, on foot or while riding another, you should also keep to the left and keep the led animal on your left. On one-way roads, proceed only in the direction of the traffic and keep to the left. If you are riding a horse, you should wear a hard hat and light-coloured or reflective and fluorescent clothing.

keep to the left of the roadIf you are leading or herding animals, keep to the left of the road and if there is someone with you send him or her along the road to warn drivers at places such as bends and brows of hills where they may not be able to see.

Do not ride, lead or drive a horse or other large animal on a footpath or pavement by the side of the road.

If you are leading or herding animals after sunset wear light-coloured or reflective clothing and carry lights which show white to the front and red to the rear.

Marching groups and processions

A group of people marching on the road should keep to the left. There should be look-outs in front and at the back wearing reflective clothing at night and fluorescent clothing by day. At night the look-out in front should carry a white or amber light, and the one at the back a bright red or amber light visible from the rear. Additional lights should be carried and reflective clothing worn by the out-side rank of long columns. It is preferable if all marchers wear reflective and/or fluorescent clothing.