Crossing where there is an island on the road
An Island On The Road It is safer to cross the road using islands. Use the Road Crossing Code to cross to the island. Stop there and use the Code again to cross the second part of the road.

Always make sure that there will be sufficient space on the island for you to wait safely and not too close to the traffic. If the island is crowded with other people waiting to cross, wait until it is free and likely to remain so.

Use only kerbed islands. Do not wait in areas of roadway hatched with white lines or on the roadway adjacent to an island. Do not use islands, central reservations, or parts of islands that have guard rails unless there are gaps provided for use by pedestrians.

Crossing a bus lane
Crossing Bus Lane Vehicles in bus lanes may be going faster than traffic in other lanes, and some bus lanes may be in the opposite direction to normal traffic. Do not wait on the white line between the bus lane and other lanes, but cross the road in one go.

Sign warning a pedestrian of a bus lane with advice to look left. The sign may vary to give the advice 'Look right'.

Bus Lane Warning

Crossing tram tracks

Trams cannot swerve to avoid you if, for example, you fall. Look out for other vehicles. If using a tram stop island or a strip dividing the tram lines from the rest of the road look for trams and other vehicles coming from both directions. Do not cross immediately behind or in front of a tram.

Crossing light rail tracks

Light rail vehicles cannot swerve to avoid you. When crossing light rail tracks, use proper crossing facilities such as footbridges or 'Green man' crossings. Where no proper crossing facilities are available, you should still follow the Road Crossing Code and exercise extra care.

Crossing a one-way road

Check which way the traffic is going. On one-way roads there may be more than one lane of traffic going in the same direction. Do not cross until it is safe to cross all the lanes of traffic. Continue to look in all directions while crossing as there may be a vehicle reversing or travelling the wrong way.

Crossing a busy road

Unless there is a pedestrian crossing , do not cross if the traffic flow is heavy without much variation and the gaps in the traffic are too few or too short to cross safely. If the traffic flow varies then be patient and wait for a safe gap in the traffic. Do not cross between stopped vehicles or those moving slowly in a queue.

Crossing a road with fast traffic

Use the Road Crossing Code but cross only if there is no traffic approaching.

Crossing a road at night

It is more difficult for drivers to see you at night and more difficult for you to judge speeds. Try to cross near a street light so that drivers will be able to see you more easily.

Crossing a road during poor weather

Take extra care in poor weather conditions, particularly during heavy rain or in mist or fog. It is more difficult for drivers to see you and for you to see moving vehicles. If the road is slippery cross only if there is no traffic approaching. Allow yourself more time to walk carefully.

Guard rails

Guard Rails
Guard rails and pedestrian barriers are often provided at place where stepping onto or crossing the road would be difficult or dangerous. The traffic may be particular busy or there may be a hidden hazard. Guard rails are also provided to guide you to a nearby crossing place.

You must not climb over or through guard rails or any fence or barrier onto the roadway. On a central reservation, you must not climb over or through a fence or barrier.
Guard Rails Illustration
Do not walk on the road side of guard rails. Do not cross a road where there are guard rails or a barrier on any island you may need to use or on the other side of the road - unless there are gaps provided for pedestrians to cross the road. Check that there is a gap in the guard rails on the other side of the road before crossing.

Not all gaps in guard rails are there to provide a crossing place for pedestrians. Before crossing the road using a gap, or at the end of length of guard rail check that it is a safe place to cross the road. You should always follow Step 1 of the Road Crossing Code before crossing the road.