Using buses, Light Rail Vehicles

Do not get on or off a bus unless it is standing at a bus stop. When waiting by a bus stop keep a good distance from the roadway. You should queue for the bus -- this makes getting on the bus safer and quicker. When forming a queue do not block the pavement. If queue railings are provided, queue within the rails. Do not stand on the roadway or force pedestrians to step onto the roadway. Using buses

If you want to get on a bus at a request bus stop, give a clear signal for it to stop. At other bus stops the bus will stop without a signal. When the bus approaches stand well back and wait until it has stopped completely before approaching and getting on. If there is no separate entrance and exit, let the passengers get off first. Do not get on a crowded bus -- wait for the next one. Look out for cyclists riding between the bus and the pavement or side of the road.

When on a bus sit down if a seat is available, do not stand on the upper deck or the staircase as to obstruct the driver's view.

Hold on to a suitable handrail if you have to stand. Give up your seat to an elderly or handicapped person, an expectant mother or a parent with young children. You must not talk to or distract the driver.

When you want to get off at a bus stop, use the bell-push, or similar device, in good time to signal the driver.

When you have got off the bus and you want to cross the road, wait until the bus has moved off and you have a clear view of the road in both directions. If the bus remains at the bus stop or stand, cross the road well away from it. Do not cross in front of the bus.

At a bus terminus watch for buses and other vehicles that may be coming in or moving off.


Using light rail vehicles

using light rail vehicles

Light Rail stops are located on raised platforms adjoining tracks. For going to or leaving a platform or from/to the pavement, you should use proper crossing places including footbridges, subways and 'Green man' crossings where they are provided. If there is no proper crossing facilities, you should follow the Road Crossing Code.



At a platform, you should queue up behind the yellow line while waiting for an LRV. Always let people alight first before you board the LRV. On board an LRV, you should move inside. Do not obstruct the passage or door.