Using Trams

Follow the advice and rules for using buses but you will need to take special care in reaching the tram or the tram stop.

To reach a tram stop located on an island, use the Road Crossing Code to cross to the island. When leaving a tram, wait on the island and use the Road Crossing Code to return to the pavement. Use a footbridge or pedestrian crossing where it is joined to the tram island.

Using tramsIf there is no island, wait on the pavement. Do not cross to the tram until it has stopped. Other vehicles must stop at the yellow 'Stop' line when a tram is picking up or setting down passengers, but do not cross or leave the tram until you are sure it is safe to do so.

You must not try to get on or off a moving tram.
You must not stand on the steps or the upper deck.
You must not talk to or distract the tram driver or touch the controls.

Using minibuses or taxis

Using minibuses or taxisFind a safe place to wait before hailing a taxi or minibus. If a taxi stand or a minibus stand or stop for the route you want is near-by, then go there and wait. Do not wait where there is a stopping restriction which prevents the driver from stopping to pick you up, for example where there are single or double yellow lines.

Wait near the kerb; do not stand too close to or on the roadway. When the taxi or minibus approaches give a clear signal to the driver.

Do not step on the roadway or try to get in until the vehicle has stopped and the driver has opened the door for you or knows you are getting in. If the vehicle stops on the other side of the road, be sure that the driver has stopped for you and not for some other reasons, and use the Road Crossing Code to cross the road.

Always get into or out of a minibus or taxi on the pavement side.

You must always wear a seat belt when sitting in the front seat or middle front seat of a minibus or taxi.

Do not speak to the driver other than to give instructions. Do not try to pay directly to a driver while he is driving.

When you wish to get off a minibus tell the driver well in advance so he can stop safely. Do not leave your seat until the minibus has stopped.

When travelling by taxi, give the driver sufficient warning of any instructions for him to carry them out safely. Follow the rules and advice for car passengers.

( Chapter 8 'The Language of the Road' includes illustrations of traffic signs and road markings referred to in this chapter.)