'Green man' crossings are marked by two rows of studs and have Traffic lights for vehicles and pedestrian lights for pedestrians.

The crossing may be marked with yellow stripes in which case you must not enter the crossing unless your exit is clear.

'Green man' crossings can be found either on a length of road or as part of a Traffic light junction.

Give way to any pedestrians on the crossings. The elderly, the disabled and people with children may need extra time to cross. Do not harass pedestrians, for example by revving your engine or creeping forward.

At 'Green man' crossings the signals have the same meaning as traffic lights at a junction.

When the red light shows, you must stop or wait at the 'Stop' line.

When the green light shows you may go forward if there are no pedestrians on the crossing and there is room for you to do so - do not block the crossing. If there is an island in the middle of a crossing the parts of the crossing on either side are separate crossings.

If traffic lights are not working, slow down and proceed through the signals with extreme caution.

illustration illustration
Traffic lights ahead - the sign is often used if the main Traffic light is out of view or the 'Green man' crossing is on a road with faster Traffic