Narrow roads


Vehicle waiting in a passing place to allow passage of oncoming vehicle or following vehicle to pass.

Road Sign

Sign marking a passing place on a narrow or winding road

Some roads ( often called single-Track roads ) are only wide enough for vehicles to move in one direction at a time. They may have special passing places. When you see a vehicle coming towards you, or the driver behind wants overtake and the passing place is on your side, pull in; if it is on the other side, wait opposite it. Give way to vehicles coming uphill whenever possible. Do not park in passing places.


Road Sign

Warning sign -- the road ahead narrows on both sides

Steep hills 

Road Sign

Warning sign - a steep downhill section of road ahead, with advice on selecting a low gear


Road Sign

Warning sign - a steep uphill section of road ahead

The ratio shows the gradient, the higher the ratio the steeper the slope. For example a 1:5 slope ( or 20% ) is steeper than a 1:10 slope ( or 10%.)

When driving downhill, for other than a short distance, do not rely on your brakes to slow your rate of progress.

To maintain control select and stay in a low gear and adjust speed with light pressure on the footbrake.

( For advice on parking on hills see page 85.)


Road Sign

Warning sign -- the road ahead narrows on the left side

These warning signs are also used as temporary signs at road works when the normal road width is resTricted.