Traffic on one-way roads flows in one direction only. The 'One-way traffic' sign indicates the direction of the permitted traffic flow. You must not drive in the opposite direction. The sign can be found at the entry to a one-way road, at a junction and at intervals along a one-way road.

Traffic is generally prevented from entering a one-way road in the wrong direction by a 'No entry' sign.

It is not always easy to tell if you are about to enter or are on a one-way road, perhaps your view of a sign is blocked by a parked vehicle. Look at the vehicles parked in the street. On a one-way road they will all be facing one way. Vehicles are normally parked facing the same direction as the traffic flow. Sometimes lane indication arrows may guide you.

Lane discipline on a one-way road is important. Select the lane which will lead to your destination, using either lane markings or direction signs for information, then stay in it. Keep to the left-hand lane if you are turning to the left, the right-hand lane if you are turning to the right. If you are going straight be guided by road markings. When the road is not wide enough for a middle lane of traffic you will have to choose the left or right of the road.

Having made your choice of lane, get into it as soon as you can do so safely, stay in it, but look out for other drivers who may change lanes suddenly. Traffic may overtake on either side on a one-way road.

Road Sign

One-way traffic sign - drive in the direction indicated


Road Sign

If there is a traffic island with a 'Pass either side' sign there is no need to change lane as the traffic lanes will meet on the other side of the island.

Side roads leading off a one-way road may also be one-way. You should expect traffic to join the road from either side, and if you are intending to turn off down a side road look well ahead to check that entry to it is actually allowed.

Road Sign

No entry sign - no entry for all vehicles, do not drive past this sign

Contra-flow bus lane

Road Sign Contra-flow bus lane sign -- do not drive along the bus lane at any time

Road Sign

Sign marking beginning of a contra-flow bus lane -- do not enter

Bus lanes sometimes operate on one-way roads. Information on bus lanes can be found on the page before.

Contra-flow bus lanes are lanes that operate on one-way roads in the opposite direction to the normal traffic flow.