Transport Department - Road Works

Sets of warning signs and sometimes flashing light signals will give you warning of works on or near the road ahead. In many cases normal speeds are impossible past road works, so you should slow down at the first indication of road works. Be prepared for persons and vehicles working on or near the roadway moving unexpectedly close or into the open Traffic lanes.

Be prepared for the unexpected, especially at night, even if you are familiar with the route or with the temporary Traffic arrangements.

The arrangements may change from time to time as the works progress.

The traffic signs and warning lights are often on stands and may be easily knocked or displaced.

Look out for pedestrians forced on the roadway when a pavement or footpath is closed or blocked by works.

Road WorksThe 'Road works' sign should be the first sign you see as you approach road works or other obstructions on the road way.

Most road works involve the temporary narrowing of the roadway and possibily lane closures or closure of the road itself. Warning signs and informatory signs will help to guide you through the road works area or divert you around the obstruction.

( Many of the traffic signs that may be seen at road works are illustrated on pages 109 and 110.)

Traffic post and cone Cones and posts are used to mark temporary traffic lanes or diversions. You must not drive over them.
Road Sign The 'Road works' sign with an 'End' plate marks the end of the road work area.

Temporary traffic control

Road SignTemporary traffic lights may be set up to provide traffic control in a road works area. The lights may be used at a junction, a site access or where the roadway is narrowed to a single track and one-way working is necessary.

A 'Traffic lights ahead' sign may be used to warn you of temporary traffic lights.

At temporary traffic lights a temporary traffic sign may be used instead of a 'Stop' line. You must stop or stay behind the sign if the red or amber lights are showing.

( See pages 96, 97 and 98 for the meaning of traffic light signals.)

Road SignManually operated 'Stop/Go' signs may be used for control of one-lane-two-way traffic.

'Stop' and 'Go' signs - if the 'Stop' sign is showing you must not drive past the sign, if the 'Go' sign is showing you may go if the way is clear.


Road Sign Temporary traffic control by 'Stop/Go' signs ahead