On dual carriageway, when the road works are extensive, some traffic lanes may be switched to the other carriageway.


   Road Sign Road Sign Road Sign

Traffic post

Road Sign Road Sign  
Temporary signs will give you information on the appropriate traffic lanes ahead and give you time to move into the correct traffic lane if necessary.

Drivers of large vehicles may be advised to use the left-hand lane.

Traffic signs will warn you of the change to the other carriageway for one or more lanes of traffic. Stay in your lane and follow the traffic signs and traffic cones placed on or by the road to guide you. Take particular care when driving through the gap in the central reservation if your lane switches to the other carriageway. On the carriageway with two-way traffic, traffic posts or traffic cones are used to separate traffic flows.
Traffic lanes may be narrower than usual and there is little room for error so take extra care and keep your speed down.
Traffic signs will warn of the change back to the other carriageway. On returning to the normal carriageway stay in your lane until well past the road works unless Traffic signs or road markings indicate otherwise.