Road SignTraffic lights ahead

Do not go forward when Traffic lights are green unless there is room to clear the junction safely. You must not go forward when the red and amber lights are showing together.

Where Traffic lights have a green arrow filter signal, do not get into the lane where filtering is allowed unless you want to go in the direction shown by the arrow.

Give way to pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross the road into which you are turning.

If Traffic lights are not working, slow down, treat the junction as a non-signalisd junction and proceed through the signals with extreme caution.

illustration When you cannot go forward you must wait behind the 'Stop' line marked across the approach.

( For the meaning of Traffic light signals and advice on what to do see pages 96, 97 and 98.)

Box junctions

illustration You must not enter the box if the exit road or lane from it is not clear.

But you may enter the box from a right turn lane marked with 'Turn right' arrows; when you want to turn right and are prevented from doing so only by oncoming Traffic or by vehicles waiting to make a right turn.

Tram and light rail railway crossing box junctions

illustration Where a road junction is crossed by tram tracks or light rail tracks and is marked with crossing box markings, you must not enter the box from any approach lane including a right turn lane unless the exit is clear.