Parking Space SignDirection sign showing the direction to a car park or parking place

 You should only park your vehicle where it will not cause any danger nor inconvenience to other road users. Walk a short distance rather than causing a danger.

Park in a parking place or a car park if you can.

On a road with street lighting - that is a road where the street lights are spaced not more than 200 metres apart - you may park only in a designated parking place.

Parking place illustration
A parking space may be marked with either white road markings or road studs.

Parking places

You must not park on the yellow hatched road markings between parking spaces of a parking place (see page 127).

A parking sign nearby will give information on what class/type of vehicle the parking place is designated for, and the allowed parking period. Some parking spaces may be designated for different classes/types of vehicles at different times (such as for private cars in daytime and for commercial vehicles at night).

You must not park in a space designated for vehicles of a different type from your vehicle. For example, you must not park a private car in a parking space for goods vehicles or reserved for specified users, such as ambulances.

You must not park over the lines marking out the parking space. You must not park in a parking place for more than 24 hours.

During the period of operation of a parking meter, you must pay the appropriate charge as shown on the meter. You must do this as soon as possible after parking your vehicle.

A'Time plate' with the 'Parking' sign will tell you the maximum charging period and the operating time of the meters.

Parking signs

Cars, minibuses and light goods vehicles only Vehicles other than medium/ heavy goods vehicles, buses, coaches, motor cycles and pedal cycles Goods vehicles only Goods vehicles only

Buses and coaches only Buses and coaches only Motorcycles only Motorcycles only
Cycles only Pedal cycles only    

A supplementary plate used with parking signs showing the maximum charging period A supplementary plate used with parking signs showing the maximum charging period
Time plates used with parking signs showing the operating time of the meters and the maximum charging period.

Specified vehicles only Specified vehicles only
Specified classes of vehicles only such as refuse collection vehicles Vehicles with disabled person's parking permit only