Zebra Crossing Light

'Zebra' crossings are well marked with black and white stripes and zigzag lines on either side. These road markings not only control Traffic by giving orders, they also warn you as a driver that there may be pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross the road. A yellow beacon, usually flashing, marks the location of the crossing.






When approaching a zebra crossing, look out for pedestrians waiting to cross (particularly children, the elderly, the disabled and people with children). Be ready to slow down or stop at the 'Give way' line to let them cross.

You must give way to anyone who has stepped on to a crossing. Signal to other drivers that you intend to slow down or stop. Do not signal pedestrians to cross; another vehicle may be approaching.

You must not stop on the 'Zebra' crossing, you must not stop in the area marked by the zigzag lines except when giving way to pedestrians on the crossing or waiting to turn left or right.

In the area marked by the zigzag lines on the approach to a 'Zebra crossing, you must not overtake the moving vehicle nearest to the crossing, or the leading vehicle which has stopped to give way to a pedestrian on the crossing.

Even when there are no zigzag markings, never park, or load/unload goods or passengers, or overtake just before a 'Zebra' crossing.

Look out for pedestrians crossing the road across the zigzag lines.

In Traffic queues, leave pedestrian crossings clear. Do not stop on the black and white stripes of the 'Zebra' crossing but stop at the 'Give way' line.

If there is an island in the middle of a crossing the parts of the crossing on either side are separate crossings.

Road Sign

Warning sign - used when the crossing is out of view