Drivers of commercial vehicles may be subject to bans that do not apply to other vehicles. These bans may apply to particular vehicle classes or to larger vehicles. Regulatory traffic signs mark the beginning of the ban. If the ban applies to your vehicle (including any load), you must not drive past the sign or drive on the road to which it applies.

Supplementary plates may give additional information or exemptions to the ban.

Commercial vehicles may also be subject to stopping and parking restrictions (see pages 90 to 93).

Medium and heavy goods vehicles, buses, recovery vehicles, and any motor vehicles towing a trailer or another vehicle are prohibited from using the right most lane of an expressway where there are three or more lanes open for use, unless you are heading for a right side exit. The above restriction also applies to light goods vehicles driven by holders of probationary driving licence.

Road Sign Width limit -
no vehicles over width shown (including load)
Road Sign Height limit -
no vehicles, including any load, over height shown (including load)
Road Sign Axle weight limit -
no vehicles over permitted gross axle weight shown (including load)
Road Sign Weight limit -
no vehicles over permitted gross vehicle weight shown (including load)
Road Sign Length limit -
no vehicles, or combination of vehicles, over length shown (including load) (applying to all vehicle classes)
Road Sign New signing arrangement to replace the sign at the left
Road Sign Weight limit –
No goods vehicles over permitted gross vehicle weight shown
Road Sign No public light buses
Road Sign No buses or coaches
Road Sign No goods vehicles
Road Sign No vehicles carrying dangerous goods of specified categories
Road Sign 'Except for access' plate allows a vehicle to enter the road so as to gain access to premises or land adjacent to the road to which the ban applies, where there is no alternative route.
Road Sign 'Time plate' indicates the time period during which the ban applies.


Restricted headroom

Restricted headroom illustration

A bridge or other structure over a road may restrict the actual headroom available. The restriction may be temporary due to bridge or other construction works. A warning sign will indicate the maximum headroom on that part of the road.



Restricted headroom aheadAdvanced warning of restricted headroom may be given by a 'Restricted headroom ahead' warning sign with a supplementary plate showing the distance to the restriction. Alternatively, the warning sign may be shown on an advance direction sign.