Eyesight and hearing deteriorate throughout adult life but judgement improves with experience. However, this experience is not enough and the elderly people need more time to cross the road safely to overcome slower movements and less ability to avoid the unexpected. Even a relatively minor accident may pose a serious threat to the elderly. This section gives some safety tips for the elderly people in travelling.

Elderly pedestrians

Before you go out, it is a good idea to plan in advance a safe route with proper crossing facilities such as footbridges, subways, signalised crossings or 'Zebra' crossings. Don't forget to bring along your glasses, hearing aids and sticks, or get someone to accompany you if necessary. You are reminded to note the following in crossing the road:

  • Strictly follow traffic signals and allow sufficient time to cross the road. When the 'Green man' signal is flashing, do not start to cross but wait until the next steady 'Green man' shows. Never cross when the 'Red man' signal shows;
  • Observe traffic condition carefully before crossing the road, and keep looking and listening for traffic while crossing;
  • If there is no proper crossing facility, follow the Road Crossing Code (see pages 8 to 20) to cross the road; and
  • It is dangerous to cross the road by simply waving hands to stop the approaching traffic, or by emerging from gaps of slow-moving or stationary vehicles.


Elderly passengers

On taking public transport, bringing along with bulky items may cause danger. The seats at bus stops or light rail platforms are provided for the elderly while waiting. Chasing buses, public light buses, etc. is very dangerous as people may fall down or forget the danger of traffic on the road.

Allow adequate time in boarding and alighting of vehicles, and pay attention to the possible great difference in level between the ground and the vehicle platform to avoid losing balance.

Once on board, sit on the closest priority seat and fasten seat belt, if available. Otherwise, hold the handrail at all times to prevent loss of balance.

seats at bus