This book contains a wide range of rules, advice and information for all types of road users covering most road and traffic conditions. It is divided into chapters for different types of road users with additional chapters covering special topics. Each chapter contains topics, some of these topics are inter-related, while some of them are self-contained topics.

It is not just a book for casual reading. It is a book to be used, to be dipped into, and to be referred to constantly.

To get the best from the book, first identify which chapters and topics meet your needs. Read them carefully and make sure you can understand the rules and advice given. Some of the topics may not be of direct interest to you, depending on your needs. You may wish to read some of the other chapters so that you can understand the needs of other road users or as preparation for the future.

Chapter 1
For All Road Users
Everyone should read this chapter. General rules and advice and information about the Road Users' Code and traffic law are given.

Chapter 2
For Pedestrians
Everyone should read this chapter. Rules and advice for using pavements and roads, crossing the road and using crossing places are given. The Road Crossing Code and how to use it is fully explained. There is also advice for users of handcarts and those in charge of animals.

Chapter 3
For Passengers
Everyone should read this self-contained chapter. It contains rules and advice for using public transport as well as advice for car passengers.

Chapter 4
For Cyclists
This self-contained chapter covers the basic needs for new as well as experienced cyclists. Advice is given on selecting and maintaining a safe cycle, preparing yourself for the road and riding on the road.
Some cyclists may find some of the topics in chapter 5 of interest.

Chapter 5
For All Drivers
All drivers and riders of motor vehicles should read this self-contained chapter. It describes many of the traffic and road features and gives rules and advice for safe behaviour. Much of the knowledge and understanding that learner drivers will need to demonstrate in the written and practical driving tests can be gained from this chapter.

Chapter 6
For Professional Drivers
This chapter gives additional rules for drivers of commercial and special vehicles and for the loading and unloading of goods.
It is intended to be read in addition to chapter 5.

Chapter 7
For Motor-Cyclists
This chapter gives additional rules for riders of motorcycles. Some rules and advice are also given for motorcycle passengers.
It is intended to be read in addition to chapter 5.

Chapter 8
The Language of the Road
Everyone should read this chapter. It describes the different signals used by road users to communicate with each other. It also features most of the traffic signs and road markings you will find on the roads of Hong Kong and gives their meanings.

Chapter 9
Your Child as a Road User
Children are road users too but they may not be able to follow the rules and advice given to passengers, pedestrians and cyclists as appropriate. This chapter is intended for those responsible for children as road users so that they can guide children on the road, or teach children those rules and advice from the Road Users' Code appropriate to their needs and development.

Chapter 10
Everyone should read this chapter. It gives advice to drivers on what to do in an emergency, such as a traffic accident or vehicle breakdown. It also gives advice to anyone who arrives at a scene of accident, so they can help prevent further injuries and give aid to any injured persons and others involved in the accident.