Most of the rules and advice given to drivers in Chapter 5 of the Road Users' Code apply to cyclists. The advice contained in this chapter is aimed primarily at those using bicycles, however much of the advice on moving in traffic also applies to tricycles and multicycles.

You must obey traffic signs, road markings and traffic rules that apply generally to vehicles.

Wear glasses if you need them to see properly.

You should not ride if you suffer from any disability or illness that makes it difficult for you to ride safely.

You must not ride when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Always check with a doctor whether a medicine you may be taking will affect your ability to ride.

Children should seek their parents' or guardians' permission before riding on the road and if under the age of 11 must only cycle with an adult.

It is difficult for other road users to see cycles, particularly when seen end-on. A cycle seen end-on appears 'thin' when compared with a car or other vehicle. You need to ensure you can be seen by other road users, including pedestrians.

Ride where drivers and pedestrians will be looking and expect to see you.

Wear bright or light-coloured or reflective and fluorescent clothing.

Wear clothing that will protect you in an accident or if you fall from your cycle. Do not wear anything that may affect your proper control of your cycle or catch in the wheels or chain. The legs of baggy trousers or shoelaces can catch easily in the chain and pull you off your cycle.

Reckless and careless cyclingMulticycles

You must not ride or wheel your cycle in a manner that endangers other road users or your-self. You must not ride or wheel your cycle in a manner that would increase the risk of a traffic accident or increase the risk of injury or death.

If you understand and follow the rules and advice in this chapter, and the rules and advice in Chapter 5 of the Road Users' Code that apply to cyclists, then you will ride safely and with consideration for others.

Multicycles Road Sign

Riding of multicycles is restricted to certain designated areas and cycle tracks indicated by the above sign. Children under the age of 11 must ride or steer multicycles with an adult in these designated places.

Learning to ride

There is much you need to learn before you cycle on the road. Balancing and steering, starting and stopping are all extremely important but there is much more to safe cycling. As a new rider you need to develop the ability to understand and anticipate the movements of other riders and drivers as well as pedestrians. You need to be able to recognise the signs and signals they use to communicate with each other and be sure that your own actions are always in the best interests of both yourself and of other road users.

Do not ride on the road until you can do so safely and competently and until you know and can follow the Road Users' Code.