At junctions, traffic may be moving in a number of different directions. This makes such places particularly dangerous. Decide well in advance which way to go, then think which line you wish to take. Look particularly to the rear for traffic. Before you turn, signal clearly and in good time the direction you wish to go.

Always be ready to give way to pedestrians who are likely to be crossing the road during and immediately after the turn.

You cannot be seen as easily as larger vehicles - always give clear arm signals to let drivers behind you know what you intend to do.

Traffic light junctions

You must wait behind the 'Stop' line if the traffic light is red. You may continue only when the green traffic light is showing and it is safe to do so. ( See pages 96, 97 and 98 of the Road Users' Code for more information about traffic lights.)

Left turn Right turn

This is a dangerous manoeuvre for cyclists. On busy roads and at night or if the visibility is poor, stop on the left side of the road and wait for a safe gap in the traffic in both directions before you make your turn. Signal before you turn. Do not wait in the middle of the road, especially at night. If your lights are operated by a small dynamo they often go out when you stop.

If the road is clear, approach near the centre of the road, just to the left of the centre of the road, never to the right. If there is a special lane for right turns, use it.

Begin to turn when you are opposite the centre of the road into which you intend to turn.

If traffic is coming from the opposite direction just before you turn, wait with your right arm in the signalling position. Let the traffic pass before you return your hand to the handlebars and continue.

Do not cut the corner during the turn.

Turning into or crossing a main road

If there is a 'Stop' sign, stop even if there is no traffic coming. Stop at the line, not over it.

Even where there is a 'Give way' sign it is often better to stop before you turn.

Look to the right, to the left and to the right again before you turn into a main road. Look for other cyclists as well as cars and larger vehicles.

If there is any traffic coming, let it pass. Do not assume that a vehicle approaching from the right and signalling left will turn left. Wait to make sure. When there is no traffic near make your turn as quickly as possible.

If you feel safer using a pedestrian crossing place to cross a road then do so but wheel your cycle and follow the rules and advice for pedestrians.


Left turn illustration Right turn illustration
Look behind and ahead. Signal left before you turn. Keep as close to the left as you can. Do not swing out either before or after the turn.