Cycles are of different sizes and usually the height of the handlebars and the saddle can be adjusted. To ride safely and competently you must ride a cycle of the right size and adjustment to suit you. Do not ride a cycle that is too small or too large for you.

Check that you can just touch the ground with both feet while sitting on the saddle. If not, the cycle is too big or the saddle too high. If you can put both feet flat on the ground then the cycle is too small or the saddle too low giving a cramped riding position.

Handlebars should be at the same height or slightly higher than the saddle for maximum control.

Check that you can apply both brakes easily and fully with your fingers while still holding the handlebar grips and maintaining full steering control.

Check that you can operate the bell without taking your hand from the handlebars.

Correct Cycling Correct Cycling

The saddle should be adjusted so that, when seated, the rider can just touch the ground with both feet.

Handlebar height should be approximately that of the saddle, so that the rider leans slightly forward with his weight shared between handlebars and saddle.

If you intend to carry anything, such as a bag for shopping, then fit a proper bag or carrier. Do not carry anything that may upset your balance.

If you intend to cycle at night or at times of poor visibility then you must fit lamps to your cycle. A white lamp must be fitted on the front and red lamp must be fitted on the rear of the cycle. You should fit good quality cycle lamps.

Safety checks

Make sure your cycle is safe to ride.

Equip yourself with safety helmet always and reflective clothing in the hours of darkness.

You must keep your brakes in proper working order.

You must have a suitable bell fitted to your cycle;you must not have any other type of warning.

Make sure your tyres are in good condition and are properly pumped up.

Correct Chain Tension

2 cm maximum play.

Check that the chain is tight enough.

Check that the moving parts are oiled sufficiently.

Make sure your lamps are in good condition; and if you use battery powered lamps check that the batteries have sufficient energy for your journey. It is a good idea to carry spare batteries and bulbs.

You must have a rear red reflector fitted.

Fit white reflectors on the front or side of your cycle. Fit amber reflectors on the pedals.