• The introduction of the Driver Improvement Scheme (DIS) is to promote road safety and make drivers more law abiding through better understanding of their driving behaviour and attitude.  Many developed countries have introduced Driver Improvement Schemes for some years and the effect on reducing traffic accidents and make drivers a positive change in driving attitude are conspicuous. Therefore, the Transport Department has decided to start the Scheme in September 2002 and designated a number of driving improvement schools for the provision of driving improvement course with a view to enhancing safety of drivers and other road users in Hong Kong. From 9 February 2009, persons falling within the following categories shall be required to attend the driving improvement course on a mandatory basis within a specific period of time:

(i) offenders who have been convicted of serious traffic offences, such as dangerous driving and drink driving; or

(ii) traffic offenders who have accumulated 10 Driving-offence Points (DOPs) within two years.  They will be required to attend the Course for every 10 DOPs incurred.

[For the information on Mandatory Attendance of Driving Improvement Course, please click here.]

Q & As

Q1 :  Are all drivers allowed to attend the driving improvement course?
A1 :  All driving licence holders, except the following, may attend the driving improvement course -
  (i)   learner driving licence holders;
(ii)  temporary driving licence holders; and
(iii) those with Government vehicles driving licence only.
Q2 :  What will be the evidence of attendance and completion of a driving improvement course?
A2 : The driving improvement school will issue either an attendance certificate or a course certificate to a course participant after he has attended and completed a driving improvement course.  An attendance certificate will be issued if a course participant has fully attended the course and completed all assignments required thereof.  A course certificate will be issued to a course participant if he has fully attended the course and completed all assignments required thereof with satisfactory performance.
Q3 : What is meant by satisfactory performance?
A3: Satisfactory performance is defined as –
  (a)   having full attendance throughout the driving improvement course;
(b)   paying attention during the course;
(c)   participating actively during in-class and group discussions; and
(d)   passing all written and any practical assignments of the course.
Q4 : What are the conditions for deduction of driving-offence points other than satisfactory completion of the course?
A4 : You will be issued with a course certificate if you have fully attended a driving improvement course and completed all assignments required thereof with satisfactory performance.   In that case, 3 driving-offence points will be deducted from the total number of points you have incurred on the date you have completed the course.  Please note that no points will be deducted if, on the date of completion of course, you -
(i) have not incurred any points; or
(ii) have incurred 15 or more points; or
(iii)  have been deducted points from the total number of points incurred within the past 2 years.
All other enquiries regarding the issuance of advice/summons, please address to the Driving-offence Points Office, Transport Department, 3/F., United Centre, 95 Queensway, Hong Kong. (Enquiry Tel. no.: 1823)
Q5 : How can one enroll for a driving improvement course?
A5 : You may register with any one of the designated driving improvement schools for enrollment for the driving improvement course. The address and contact details of the driving improvement schools as follows:

Name of School

Address of School

Enquiry Hotline

Way of Application

The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions
Occupational Retraining Centre Limited

5/F, Eastern Commercial Building,
397 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, HK.

2893 3112

Call enquiry hotline or visit the School for application

The Hong Kong School of Motoring Limited

Room 722, 7/F, Hollywood Plaza,
610 Nathan Road, Kln.

2384 8301

Application on-line or call enquiry hotline or visit its shop at Room 1023, Hollywood Plaza, 610 Nathan Road, Mong Kok for application


Lee Kin Driving School Limited

Unit 1704, 17/F, Nan Fung Centre,
264-298 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, NT.

2413 6222

Application on-line or call enquiry hotline or visit the School for application


Leinam School of Motoring Limited

15/F, Mongkok Harbour Centre, 638 Shanghai Street, Kln.


2780 2272

Application on-line or call enquiry hotline or visit the school or its shops at Shop B, G/F, 264 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Sham Shui Po or Shop F, G/F Fu Yu Court, 121 Kau Pui Lung Road, To Kwa Wan for application


(Online application can be made in Chinese only)

Q6 : What are the course duration and course fee?
A6 : A driving improvement course is mainly divided into two sessions with total duration of not less than 7 hours.  The maximum fee to be charged by the proprietor of a driving improvement school for a driving improvement course shall be HK$1,000; and the maximum fee for the issue of an attendance certificate or a course certificate shall be HK$30.  The exact fee may however vary among schools.    Interest persons could contact the Schools for the details.
Q7: Can I switch to another school for session 2 of the course after completion of session 1 at a school?
A7 : Yes. You may choose to discontinue attendance at a school after completing session 1 of the course and re-register with any other driving improvement school for the continuation of the course by presenting the attendance record which you have received from the previous school.  The re-registration should be completed within 2 months from the date of issue of the attendance record of the previous school.
Q8 : Is there any time frame for those ordered by the court to attend and complete a driving improvement course? Can one apply for an extension?
A8 : Those receiving court orders should, at their own costs, attend and complete a driving improvement course according to the period ordered by the court (generally within 3 months after the date on which the court makes the order but may vary for cases involving disqualification of driving licence and / or imprisonment or detention). If a person is not able to comply with the order, he/she may make an application for extension in writing to the court or magistrate which made the order. If it is considered that he is not able to comply with the order with reasonable excuse, the judge or magistrate may extend the period of 3 months for such period as they considers appropriate. Please note that a person is liable on conviction to a fine of $10,000 and to imprisonment for 2 months if he fails to comply with the order without reasonable excuse.
[For the details on the Obligatory Attendence of Driving Improvement Course Notice issued by Commissioner for Transport, please click here.]
Q9 : A person has just committed a traffic offence which may lead to the total driving-offence points to 15 points or above.  Would 3 points be deducted if he/she completes a driving improvement course prior to incurring the driving-offence points from the aforesaid traffic offence?
A9 : Yes, 3 points would be deducted if, on the day of completion, the person has not yet incurred 15 points or above.
Q10 : After completing the Driving Improvement Course as required, can I get back my driving licence immediately from the Transport Department?
A10 : After you have completed the Driving Improvement Course, the school needs to consolidate the course-end assessment result and submit it together with the attendance record to Transport Department (TD) for further processing. As such, if you are disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving licence and ordered to attend the Course, upon the expiry of your disqualification and completion of the Course, you may get back your driving licence at Driving Licence Records Office at least 5 working days after the school issues the Driving Licence Improvement Course Certificate to you. If your driving licence has already expired after the completion of your disqualification period, or if you are required to attend the Course due to accumulation of 10 or more DOP during a period of 2 years, you may issue, re-issue or renew your driving licence at any of the Licensing Offices of TD at least 5 working days after the school issues the Driving Improvement Course Certificate to you.
Q11 : Do I need to bring and show the Driving Improvement Course Certificate to the Driving Licence Records Office or Licensing Office for getting back my driving licence?
A11 : For easier verification of your records, you are suggested to bring along the Driving Improvement Course Certificate for getting back the driving licence.



Enquiries about the Driver Improvement Scheme can be directed to 1823 Call Centre or in writing to the Driving Services Section, Transport Department, 19 Pui Ching Road, Homantin, Kowloon.

Please note that underpaid mail items are subject to surcharge by Hongkong Post. This department will not accept underpaid mail items, which will be returned to the sender or disposed of by the Hongkong Post. For proper delivery of your mail items to the department, and to avoid unnecessary delivery delay or unsuccessful delivery, please ensure your mail items bear sufficient postage with return address before posting. [Please note details about postage]

The above is a general guide.  The relevant legislation is set out in the Road Traffic Ordinance.