Police Enforcement

If a driver:

a police officer may require the driver to undergo one or more of the following preliminary drug tests either at roadside or in a police station: 


* The Impairment Test is carried out at a police station specified by the police officer who makes the requirement.  The test provides a scientific and objective means for police officers to decide whether a driver is required to provide specimens of blood or/and urine for laboratory drug analysis.  It is widely adopted in overseas jurisdictions for screening out persons who are impaired by drug(s) to the extent of being incapable of proper control of a motor vehicle. It consists of five specific components, namely-
  • Eye Examinations (consisting of pupillary examination and Gaze Nystagmus examination) - an indicator of the effects of drugs on a person's nervous system;
Eye Examinations
  • Modified Romberg Balance Test - an indicator of a person's internal clock and ability to balance;
Modified Romberg Balance Test
  • Walk and Turn Test - to test a person's ability to divide attention between walking, balancing and processing instructions;
Walk and Turn Test
  • One Leg Stand Test - to test a person's coordination, balance and ability to count out loud according to instructions; and
One Leg Stand Test
  • Finger to Nose Test - to test a person's depth perception and ability to balance and process instructions.
Finger to Nose Test

Drivers who fail to undergo the preliminary drug tests or who undergo the preliminary drug tests and are assessed with driving impairment are required to surrender their driving licenses for 24 hours.

For related information, please visit the website of the Police at http://www.police.gov.hk.


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