Questions and Answers on Use and Installation of Seat Belt Inside Public Light Buses:

Q1 : What is the contents of the new seat belt legislation?
A1 : i) Public light buses (PLBs) registered on or after 1 August 2004 are required to be fitted with seat belts and high back seats

ii) With effect from 1 August 2004, PLB passengers must wear seat belts installed on their seats. PLB passengers who fail to comply will be liable to a maximum fine of $5,000 and 3 months" imprisonment.

Q2 : Is the PLB driver responsible for passengers NOT wearing seat belts installed on the vehicle? If passengers refuse to cooperate, can the PLB driver refuse to drive the vehicle ?
A2 : It is the responsibility of PLB passengers to wear seat belts installed on PLBs under the new law. PLB driver may refuse to drive the PLB if a passenger refuses to wear a seat belt installed on the vehicle.

Q3 : Can a PLB passenger refuse to wear seat belt on medical ground ?
A3 : In general, a PLB passenger is required to wear seat belt if it is provided unless he/she has obtained exemption in writing by the Commissioner for Transport. Any person exempted has to carry the exemption letter when traveling for inspection by police officers.

Q4 : Can more than one passenger use one seat belt ?
A4 : No. Each seat belt must be used by only one person at a time.

Q5 : If a passenger travels with a young child, can he/she use one seat belt to fasten himself/herself and the young child ?
A5 : No. Each seat belt must be used by only one person at a time. If suitable, the passenger should help the child to wear a seat belt.

Q6 : Who should be responsible for the maintenance of seat belts and high back seats installed on a PLB ?
A6 : The driver or the owner of the PLB.